Not So Fast

After having such good runs when first coming back from my injury, I was bound to have at least one not-so-great run before the marathon. Unfortunately, both of my last two runs have been awful. Last Tuesday, I knew I was going to run 4 miles for my Patient Partner Hannah's birthday that day. The… Continue reading Not So Fast


$2,000 Raised!

On Saturday, after I had stopped feeling sorry for myself because of one bad run, I hit my next fundraising milestone – the $2,000 mark! I'm actually at $2,030 officially thanks to some recent donations: Bill (not my dad), a supporter who found me on social media two years ago and has been following my running… Continue reading $2,000 Raised!

Kicking Off DFMC Season #2

This past Wednesday was our first DFMC Team Meeting, held at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. If I wasn’t already excited to start officially training for my second marathon, I certainly am now! We’ve got more than 470 team members already (of about 550 spots), 50% of whom are first-timers. I noticed some very young faces and… Continue reading Kicking Off DFMC Season #2

6 Months until the Marathon

Believe it or not (I’m in the latter camp), the Boston Marathon is 6 months from today! 182 days! 26 more Mondays until THE Monday! I’m holding off on publicly thanking my first supporters until I reach my first milestone ($1,000), so if you want to make a donation, you can do so here:… Continue reading 6 Months until the Marathon