My Summer Vacation

I have so many hikes to blog about, but want to do each of them justice so I'll get some written – probably this weekend when it's 100 degrees in Boston and I'm hunkered down in the AC. For now, here's a recap on my summer vacation. I was worried this one would feel a… Continue reading My Summer Vacation


My First Non-Injured DNS

It's been a bit since I posted last, so here's a brief update: Memorial Day Weekend in the Adirondacks was lovely, and everything I needed it to be. Work has been beyond stressful lately for a multitude of reasons, and time off (truly off – I turned off my work phone and put it in… Continue reading My First Non-Injured DNS

Nasal Surgery Update #4: Progress Despite Pain

After speaking to my surgeon's PA, she reassured me that running (and cycling) could not make my rib pain any worse. Makes sense, because you don't really use that part of your core. But I was just so uncomfortable – OK fine, I was in pretty significant pain – that I couldn't fathom going for… Continue reading Nasal Surgery Update #4: Progress Despite Pain