Not So Fast

After having such good runs when first coming back from my injury, I was bound to have at least one not-so-great run before the marathon. Unfortunately, both of my last two runs have been awful.

20190326_181137Last Tuesday, I knew I was going to run 4 miles for my Patient Partner Hannah’s birthday that day. The temps were still below freezing before work, which meant frozen pavement so I couldn’t run then. Instead, I ran after work when it was gorgeous out. But every step was a struggle and every breath felt like I was running atop Mount Everest. I had a busy day at work and probably didn’t fuel or hydrate as well as I could have, but I truly never settled into this run. Had it not been Hannah’s birthday, I would have scrapped the run altogether.

After forcing myself through those 4 miles, I was in a bit of pain. I had no pain during, but immediately afterward I was thinking, “Ugh, what did I do to myself?” Same old pain, same place on both legs (low on my left posterior tibialis muscle, high on my right one). I went to PT the next morning and had a rather intense and productive dry needling session with Ben, but hoped that would do the trick.

Unfortunately it did not, and I was in enough pain the rest of the week not to attempt any more running. Continue reading


My CheerMap!

How cool is this?! My amazing teammate Michelle created this for all of us, so now I don’t have to make my own! I really have no idea how this race is going to go for me so I may update my predicted times as the day gets closer, but it’s a rough estimate (12:30 pace) given how my last few runs have gone and knowing I’ll probably be a bit slower during the marathon itself because I’m going to stop and hug everyone I know!


Halfway There!

I’m officially more than halfway to my $10,925 goal. Thanks to donations from: my co-worker Jen, my “Aunt” Donna, my mom’s friend and the former activities director where she lives Marian, my former Dana-Farber colleague and friend MacKenzie, my former Elms College colleague Karo, and a two-time DFMC team member Aiko, who is training for the London Marathon this year (which is held 6 days after Boston).


March Email Update

If you didn’t receive my latest DFMC email update, you can read it here:


Dear Friends & Family,

Believe it or not, the 2019 Boston Marathon is now just three weeks away! As you know by now, I am running for the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge, which raises critical funds to benefit the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. So far, I have raised more than $5,400 toward my $10,925 goal. I am determined to get to $8,000 by April 14 – the day before the marathon – so that I can achieve Pacesetter status and wear the official patch on my race singlet. Speaking of race singlets, we received ours in the mail recently and here’s what they look like:


I’ll also be sporting bib # 25196. Stay tuned for a final pre-marathon email update, which will include how to track me on Marathon Monday.

Who Am I Running For?

As I told you in my last email, this year I am running for my Patient Partner Hannah, who turns 4 years old tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Last weekend, Hannah, her family and I got together to decorate our Patient Partner poster. This poster will be displayed at the Pasta Party the evening before the marathon, as a reminder to all whole attend that these tiny little humans are running their own marathon – fighting cancer.

Our poster is mostly princesses, plus some Paw Patrol and dinosaurs. I can’t for everyone to see it with Hannah’s giant photo in the center on April 14!

Please consider making a gift to support patients like Hannah.

Training Update

After a full five weeks of non-impact activities, I am excited to report that I am back to running! It’s not fast or far, but it’s huge progress, and I know that I’ll be out there on Marathon Monday running my heart out for cancer research. This past weekend, I even ran 12 miles outside on the Boston Marathon course with my teammates and thousands of other charity runners. As my coach would say, “The hay is in the barn now” – meaning the hardest weeks of training are behind me and the next three weeks are all about keeping the blood flowing while staying healthy.

If you aren’t already following my updates on Instagram and my blog, check them out!

Famous in Longmeadow

If you haven’t already read the article from The Longmeadow News, my hometown newspaper – check it out here! They wrote an article about my dad and me, and how we each cover all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon to support Dana-Farber, but in different ways and at different times of the year. I’m so grateful for this additional recognition!

To donate, please go to or send a check made payable to “Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge” to:

[address redacted]

Together, let’s cross the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer.


With love and gratitude,


12 Miles Run & Done!

Let’s get right down to business, shall we? This weekend I ran 12 miles! Outside! On the Boston Marathon course! With no pain!

fb_img_1553381780578Saturday was the famed “last long run” for pretty much everyone running Boston. Some people run 22, some run 21, most run 20, others run less. A lot of charity teams bus their runners out to the Start Line in Hopkinton, and the runners get a taste of the first 20ish miles, but we do an out & back course from BC. The start of the route has no sidewalks and the roads are open to traffic (unlike on Marathon Monday) and it’s actually pretty dangerous, so we stick to the sidewalks.

I joined my teammates at Boston College around 7:15 on Saturday morning, an early start for us. We heard the most inspiring talks from two bereaved parents – Sandy, who lost her son Matty at the age of 7 exactly 11 years ago today, and George, who lost his daughter and the mother of his grandchildren 2 years ago last week. Sandy has been volunteering for DFMC since Matty died, and George has been running on the team since his daughter first got sick. We also heard from the daughter of a team member who is actively fighting stage 4 colon cancer while raising her own children. There were a lot of tears flowing, but talk about inspiration to go tackle a long, difficult run! Continue reading

Pounding Pavement & $5,000 Raised

I’ve been lousy about updating my blog, I know. I haven’t even been great about posting about my workouts on social media. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exhausted. In fact, I’m starving and tired all the time. Even though I missed a full 6 weeks of running outside, I was still doing all my workouts inside on the cardio equipment (minus the 10 days of required rest), and between work being absolutely bonkers right now and the commitment of training, I am beat.

So when I come home from a long day at work or finish an awesome but tiring workout, the last thing I want to do is talk about working out. I’m lucky to eat dinner these days – a lot of nights I find myself eating a bowl of Cheerios and walking Chip half-asleep at 7pm before getting in bed to crash long before most toddlers. The good news is that Chip LOVES to sleep, particularly in my bed. He gets all whiny and annoying if I don’t open my bedroom door and let him “go to bed” by 8pm.

But despite my exhaustion and insatiable hunger, I am SO PUMPED and actually reinvigorated by the fact that I am back to running outside again! The rule with my coach was always that I was not going to run outside until the ground had thawed – frozen pavement would be far too much impact for my healing legs. So when the temperatures were predicted to hit 60° last Friday, I emailed my coach and asked what he thought. His response? Continue reading

$4,000 Raised!


Thanks to my Uncle Brian & Aunt MaryEllen, my former co-worker and also a 2019 charity runner David “DJ” Webster, my Westfield State College friend Danielle Mainini, my mom, her dear friend Robbin, and one of my oldest & dearest friends Sean Ginley, I surpassed the $4,000 milestone. That means I’ve only got another $769 to reach $5,000 – and I totally think we can do this by Friday, which is exactly one month until Marathon Monday!

I am so grateful for everyone’s support so far. And if you’ve been waiting to donate until you knew I was actually going to do this thing, count me in! I’ve been running PAIN-FREE on the treadmill lately and know that I’m going to be running my heart out on April 15.