$9,000 Raised!


Yesterday, I reached the $9,000 mark! I still have a few more cash donations deposit and then will be well on my way to $10,000 and – hopefully – my $10,925 goal. I have until May 15 to reach my goal, so if you were waiting to donate to see if I’d hold up my end of the bargain (completing the race), I did!

Thank you to those who helped me get there:

  • Everyone who purchased a t-shirt this season. I sold a TON to teammates and their friends & family at runner check-in and our Pasta Party this weekend. I still have some left if you’re interested.
  • My dad’s co-workers Mark and Bill
  • My 2017 DFMC teammate and 4-time Boston Marathon finisher, Jackie
  • My Aunt Diane
  • My dad, again

Two Peas in a Pod

Let’s talk about these photos of Hannah and me. I don’t even know why the finish line photo of me is so blown out – must’ve been the angle of the sun along with wet pavement. I swear the finish line is right under my feet!

Finishing my Second Boston Marathon

Spoiler alert: I finished my second Boston Marathon!

I set alarms for 5, 5:30, and 6am on Monday. Why? I have no idea, because I was awake at 4:55am raring to go. Sure, I was tired. I had gone to bed around 9 and read for almost an hour, but I got a few hours of good sleep. I checked the weather forecast one more time and it was back to rain and clouds for the whole day, so I was confident in my outfit choices – knee-length running pants, a tank top under my singlet (because they show a lot of cleavage), and a baseball hat to keep the rain out of my eyes. I also packed my red headband in case I needed it to keep hair/sweat out of my eyes. And good thing I did!

20190415_080412I actually woke up starving and had a small bowl of Cheerios and almond milk while I got ready, then later on had my standard English muffin with peanut butter and a cup of coffee. We left my apartment just before 7am, and the minute we walked outside it was raining so hard that there was a huge puddle I had to run through to get into my car, so my shoes, socks, and feet were immediately soaked. Fortunately I had dry socks and my actual running shoes under my rain coat. It was thundering and lightning, but the forecast kept saying the rain would lighten up. My dad drove me to Hopkinton State Park, where I boarded a bus with about a dozen other runners and got dropped off right near the starting line. I walked about 5 minutes to the church, where our team has an indoor pre-race refuge. I’d be there from 8am until just before 11am. Continue reading

My Updated CheerMap

PLEASE NOTE: On Friday, the B.A.A. announced that Wave 4 participants will start immediately following the conclusion of Wave 3. There will no longer be a 25 minute gap between waves.

This means I’ll be starting around 11am now instead of 11:15. I’ve updated my CheerMap accordingly, but still highly recommend using the app or signing up for text alerts as this map is a huge guess and my runs have been anything but predictable this season.



I’m A Pacesetter!


Earlier today, I picked up my bib and did all the fun runner stuff at the expo. I think posting a picture of me holding my bib (partially covered to prevent counterfeiters, of course) reminded people that this is really happening in 3 days, and generated a huge influx of donations. I’m now an official DFMC Pacesetter and will pick up my patch tomorrow, with plenty of time to add it to my singlet for Monday!

Huge thanks to:

  • My best friend Juls and her husband Donny and their two boys
  • Juls’ parents Tamara & Oleg
  • Even more Bright Horizons colleagues – Kate F., Tammy, Jane, Allison and Robin
  • My dad’s blood draw nurse Anne
  • My former Dana-Farber colleagues Michael and Teresa
  • My Uncle Larry
  • My Patient Partner Hannah’s Family – including Mark, Michelle, Hannah and Blaire
  • A friend of Hannah’s family, Rowan
  • My DFMC teammate Marny
  • My dear friend in Florida Lauren
  • My former Bright Horizons boss Bridget
  • And my saving grace at my last job, Kerry. Kerry just became a mom to the cutest little boy, but had to do it without her own mom because cancer robbed them of that.

I am so eternally grateful to everyone, but I’m not done fundraising. Not even close. I’ll keep running as long as you keep adding reasons and names to my list.

April Email Update

If you didn’t receive my latest DFMC email update, you can read it here:


Dear Friends & Family,

With the 2019 Boston Marathon just one week from today, together we have raised more than $7,200 toward my $10,925 goal. To those who have donated already – thank you so much! I remain determined to get to $8,000 by Sunday so that I can achieve Pacesetter status and wear the official patch on my race singlet. If you haven’t already donated, please consider doing so this week. Thank you in advance for your support!

Who Am I Running For?

As most of you know by now, I am running for my 4-year-old Patient Partner Hannah. Recently, Hannah and her family got the wonderful news that her end-of-treatment date is now in October instead of November. However, a few things will still remain:

  • Hannah is 8 times more likely to have a secondary cancer later on in life, as are all children diagnosed with cancer.
  • She will continue to have check-ups and blood draws for 5 years after her end-of-treatment date before her family gets to hear the words “cancer free.”

This coming weekend, Hannah and I will join about 75 other runners and their Patient Partners on-stage at the DFMC Pasta Party, attended by over 1,500 runners, friends, and family members. Hannah was a Patient Partner last year as well, but hopefully she’s just as excited this year to be again recognized for running her own version of a marathon – beating cancer.

Please consider making a gift to support patients like Hannah.

Training Update

These past few weeks have been all about keeping the blood flowing without overdoing it. I ran 8 glorious miles on Saturday, including Heartbreak Hill. I felt strong and ready, and I know that the best run is yet to come!

I’m planning to follow 3/1 intervals for all 26.2 miles, meaning 3 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. Also known as the Galloway method, these intervals allow your body (and most importantly, your legs) to be more efficient during a long run. It helps you enjoy the endorphins more, keep your core temperature down, and control fatigue. This worked so well for me in 2017 as I was adjusting to the high mileage, and it’s been a blessing this year through my nagging leg injuries.

If you aren’t already following my updates on Instagram and my blog, check them out!

Tracking Me on Monday

Assuming all goes well with those 3/1 intervals, I am guessing my overall pace will be somewhere around 12:30. Given that, here are some predicted times along the course as well as how to track me – text RUNNER to 234567 then respond with my bib number, which is 25196.


To donate, please go to danafarber.jimmyfund.org/goto/KellyDFMC or send a check made payable to “Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge” to:

[address redacted]

Together, let’s cross the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer.


With love and gratitude,


$7,000 Raised!


I guess I forgot to post when I reached the $6,000 milestone last week, but that’s OK because here we are at over $7,000!


I brought donuts (with my face on them!) in for my co-workers on Tuesday, and my boss (a VP) sent an email to all the senior leaders in our company with whom I work regularly. She knew I wouldn’t email them myself (for good reason – we have our own Foundation and what I thought was a strict no solicitation policy), and between that and the donuts, I raked in almost $500 on Tuesday alone. That pushed me over the $7,000 milestone, so without further ado…

Thank you to:

  • My cousins Gary & Lauren and their little ones Julia & Ava
  • My godfather Mike & his wife Lyn
  • My Aunt Lori (my godmother) & Uncle Mike
  • Brianna, my former intern at Dana-Farber
  • Colleagues Kate B., Zac, Dave, Jessie, Marsha, Stephanie, Matt, and Randy
  • My boss Ilene
  • Our CEO Stephen & his wife Jill
  • My fellow Gator alumna Brittany & her husband Kyle

I’m planning to do one final email push on Monday – one week before the marathon. I am really hoping to reach $8,000 by next Sunday, which would mean official Pacesetter status and earn me a special patch to wear on my singlet the next day. This milestone is exactly $878.80 away at the time of this post, so it’s definitely do-able with your support!