Back to the Barre

I went to my first Barre3 class yesterday since February 2018 (they reminded me how long it’d been when I walked in the door!). I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to do since yesterday was literally the first day I was allowed to do any twisting or body weight workouts. I didn’t feel 100% at ALL. Maybe not even 75%. I seemed to be the only person struggling or looking around – everyone else seemed to know what move came next and exactly how to perform it. But the beauty of Barre3, unlike other studio classes I’ve taken, is that no one cares. Everyone is so nice. There are so many sizes, shapes, ages, and even a guy or two in almost every class I’ve taken there.

And the instructor was actually the studio owner, Simone. We had emailed several times when the package I had purchased before my tibial tendinitis injury in February expired before I had a chance to use it. And then with surgery right after the marathon, I had to delay my return even longer. So anyway, I never once felt self-conscious – even when I completely sat down on my knees during planks. Honestly, that was the only time I ever experience actual pain in my rib and probably because my painful area (which is actually more on the side of my ribcage rather than at the incision site, which is underneath my boob) was so close to wear I was bearing all my weight.

But the rest of the class was a struggle in the best way possible. My muscles were quivering. Well, maybe quivering is the wrong work. They were shaking so bad that at times, it felt like my whole body was convulsing. The best and worst part of the workout was how much my glute meds were activated. I’ve had a lot of glute med and hip weakness that has led to other injuries and pain all over my lower body, but it’s a really hard area to target because all the big muscles – the quads, hamstring, and glute max –want to do all the work and so those smaller muscles are like, sure go for it. So when I felt the middle of each butt cheek totally on fire during most of class, I was like, “YES. I so need this.” Even though it sucked.

I had purchased a promotional three-class pack for $45, so I still have two more to use. After that, each class is $26, which is not cheap but maybe I’ll figure out one day a week that I really want to commit to because it truly was the best workout for what I need to improve my running, without breaking [too much of] a sweat or risking injury.


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