Goodbye Facebook

If you’ve tried to tag or message me on Facebook lately, you probably couldn’t find me. After swearing for the past 10ish months that I was going delete Facebook after the marathon, I finally did it on Sunday afternoon.

It’s funny – I’ve told a few people and every single response has been “I wish I could, too.” It’s so strange that we feel like we can’t delete a social media account or that we owe it to family members. I refuse to let other people’s opinions dictate how I live my life, so I’ve made a few recent changes that included blocking people from certain channels, unfollowing people I am not actually friends with or don’t care to follow anymore (brands, running influencers, and some actual acquaintances), and have made a conscious effort to limit how much I talk about social media in real life because that’s just pathetic. I also no longer have any responsibility for negative social media reviews/comments/posts at work anymore, so it’s been nice to declutter my social media world one step at a time.


Most of what I saw on Facebook was ads or sponsored content. No thanks. The rest was either political and made me hate a few friends and family members when I found out they were Trump supporters, or was just stuff I did not care to see (diaper blowouts, potty training, results of stupid quizzes, game requests). The saving grace was being able to keep in touch with a few friends across the country (and world!), my running pals, and finding free local things to do. But the bad outweighed the good, and I feel too weighed down by social media in general. Twitter allows me to rant when I feel like and Instagram gives me a place to post photos and “stories.” And of course, I have this blog.

Why Now?

Let’s be honest – my reasoning for waiting until after the marathon is because Facebook is a great fundraising tool, especially when trying to reach the older generation of family members who aren’t on other social channels. We also had an official private group for the DFMC team, and it was a great place to share amongst ourselves. But now that the marathon is behind me (and I’m not planning to run another), it was time to finally pull the trigger.

Is This Permanent?

Technically, I “deactivated” my account. This means I can go back if and when I want. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but all my stuff will be waiting for me if I do.

So if you’re looking to keep up with me and this blog isn’t giving you what you need, I’m on Twitter, Instagram both personally and with more a workout/running focus.


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