Nasal Surgery Update #5: Keeping It Slow

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks from surgery, and it feels like it has been so much longer! I guess that’s a good thing, but it also feels like I’ve been living in the post-op rib pain world for at least 6 months. I’m still not able to sleep on my right side. Tomorrow I’m allowed to start doing things that involve yoga, body weight, twisting, jumping, etc., but still no weight-lifting. I’m optimistically signed up for a class at Barre3 after work tomorrow, but my rib still hurts a lot, especially twisting (most notably leaning over sideways to grab something on the floor) so we’ll see how much I’m actually able to do.

Between my nose and rib, I was in so much pain at the end of last week that I scrapped all my runs after Wednesday’s 2.5 miles. Then I spent the weekend at my mom’s – sunning ourselves, relaxing, napping, cooking and eating really good meals – and by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, it was freezing cold and raining in Boston and has been ever since. Normally I don’t like running in cold rain. I would have been willing to suck it up just to pound some pavement, but the cold air really makes my nose hurt to the point that it’s throbbing. I actually yelled at Chip on our walk last night to hurry up because my nose hurt so damn bad that I started to cry.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to finally start clearing and warming up, and then hopefully the last of 40-degree highs and pouring rain are behind us until the fall. I am so looking forward to proper spring weather, and actually enjoying being outside for runs. My gym membership ended the week of surgery, since I’m at that point where I don’t NEED to be training for races so there’s no reason to force myself onto the dreaded treadmill. So my workouts can consist of running outside, personal training sessions when I get clearance in a few weeks, and then studio classes when I feel like it plus some at-home yoga, of course.

Dad and me on our most recent hike in October

And hiking! I don’t know what it is lately, but I have definitely got the hiking bug. I watched a couple of Everest/hiking/rock climbing movies during my recovery, have been following a bunch of climbers on their quest to summit Mt. Everest later this month (including a few Americans who are attempting a rapid ascent, after having acclimatized at home for the past year using a low-oxygen tent – so cool!). So while I know I’m not 100% yet, unless I fall on my face or on my right ribcage, I don’t see any reason to hold off on hiking now that the weekend weather is shaping up nicely. And the nice thing about hiking is that you can go as slow as you want. There’s no rush, especially not the route we’re planning. I got a tiny taste of hiking last fall in the very short window between getting off the boot after my stress fracture healed and the weather turning too cold (I’m not at all interest in winter hiking), so I’m raring to go now!

So, my dad and I are planning to tackle the other end of the Mt. Holyoke Range. We did the Skinner Mountain side in October 2017 for his birthday, and have been wanting to do the other end ever since. The section we’re planning to hike is called a lot of things, but it’s part of the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, which is also now part of (or has been replaced by, depending on who you ask) the New England Trail. Saturday’s weather looks perfect for a hike – high 60’s/low 70’s on the ground, cooler higher up the mountain of course, and overcast so less sunburning to worry about. But if for some reason it doesn’t work out, there’s always Sunday. So hopefully in a couple of days, you’ll be reading all about our hike!


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