Nasal Surgery Update #4: Progress Despite Pain

After speaking to my surgeon’s PA, she reassured me that running (and cycling) could not make my rib pain any worse. Makes sense, because you don’t really use that part of your core. But I was just so uncomfortable – OK fine, I was in pretty significant pain – that I couldn’t fathom going for a run.

However, after lying/sitting around on the couch for 10 days straight – plus the several days of the stomach virus the week prior – I was restless on Saturday morning. I was slow to get moving as I always in the mornings these days, but by 11am I was raring to go.

So I went.

20190504_121115I wasn’t sure how it would go, which has been the story of my running life for the past 8-9 months since getting the boot off. But I knew my energy level had been very low – almost nonexistent actually – so my stamina would be significantly impacted and that meant I needed go slow and easy. I didn’t pay attention to my watch at all, even when it dinged after 3 minutes, telling me it was time to walk for 1 minute. I felt good moving, so I kept going. It wasn’t until I finished my first mile that I decided to walk for 1 minute, then turned around to head home, promising myself I’d stop if I needed to.

But I didn’t! I actually ran 2 miles plus a few steps to make up for the minute I walked in between miles. My overall pace was the basically the same as it has been doing run/walk, which is rather slow, but that was the goal. The last thing I wanted to do was overdo it on my first run post-marathon, post-surgery.

Oddly enough, my right hip has been bothering me ever since that run on Saturday late morning. Occasionally during training runs, the front of my hip – where it actually creases with my pelvis – would bother me after a lot of miles. But this was new. It hurts on the outside, high up. It could be any number of things – piriformis, glute medius, psoas, abductor – but it’s most likely just a side effect of being completely immobile for the better part of 3 weeks, minus daily slow walks with Chip. And also lying only on my left side, which obviously causes the right side to do all sorts of weird things. It’s bad enough that I wouldn’t have run yesterday or even this morning, but hopefully it feels better later today. I’ll be sure to do some dynamic stretching before running, and cool down properly. I definitely did not do either of those things on Saturday because I was just so excited to run, period.

As for my rib and nose pain, those remained consistent during and after the run, so I know my body was ready. I ended up trading ibuprofen for homemade margaritas yesterday (Happy Cinco de Mayo!) so I’m in a bit more pain today than I had been over the weekend, but I also came into the office for the first time in two weeks, which required a lot more moving around. I actually straightened my hair and put on makeup, so my right side got a lot more action than it has since before surgery.


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