I’m A Pacesetter!


Earlier today, I picked up my bib and did all the fun runner stuff at the expo. I think posting a picture of me holding my bib (partially covered to prevent counterfeiters, of course) reminded people that this is really happening in 3 days, and generated a huge influx of donations. I’m now an official DFMC Pacesetter and will pick up my patch tomorrow, with plenty of time to add it to my singlet for Monday!

Huge thanks to:

  • My best friend Juls and her husband Donny and their two boys
  • Juls’ parents Tamara & Oleg
  • Even more Bright Horizons colleagues – Kate F., Tammy, Jane, Allison and Robin
  • My dad’s blood draw nurse Anne
  • My former Dana-Farber colleagues Michael and Teresa
  • My Uncle Larry
  • My Patient Partner Hannah’s Family – including Mark, Michelle, Hannah and Blaire
  • A friend of Hannah’s family, Rowan
  • My DFMC teammate Marny
  • My dear friend in Florida Lauren
  • My former Bright Horizons boss Bridget
  • And my saving grace at my last job, Kerry. Kerry just became a mom to the cutest little boy, but had to do it without her own mom because cancer robbed them of that.

I am so eternally grateful to everyone, but I’m not done fundraising. Not even close. I’ll keep running as long as you keep adding reasons and names to my list.


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