$7,000 Raised!


I guess I forgot to post when I reached the $6,000 milestone last week, but that’s OK because here we are at over $7,000!


I brought donuts (with my face on them!) in for my co-workers on Tuesday, and my boss (a VP) sent an email to all the senior leaders in our company with whom I work regularly. She knew I wouldn’t email them myself (for good reason – we have our own Foundation and what I thought was a strict no solicitation policy), and between that and the donuts, I raked in almost $500 on Tuesday alone. That pushed me over the $7,000 milestone, so without further ado…

Thank you to:

  • My cousins Gary & Lauren and their little ones Julia & Ava
  • My godfather Mike & his wife Lyn
  • My Aunt Lori (my godmother) & Uncle Mike
  • Brianna, my former intern at Dana-Farber
  • Colleagues Kate B., Zac, Dave, Jessie, Marsha, Stephanie, Matt, and Randy
  • My boss Ilene
  • Our CEO Stephen & his wife Jill
  • My fellow Gator alumna Brittany & her husband Kyle

I’m planning to do one final email push on Monday – one week before the marathon. I am really hoping to reach $8,000 by next Sunday, which would mean official Pacesetter status and earn me a special patch to wear on my singlet the next day. This milestone is exactly $878.80 away at the time of this post, so it’s definitely do-able with your support!


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