Not So Fast

After having such good runs when first coming back from my injury, I was bound to have at least one not-so-great run before the marathon. Unfortunately, both of my last two runs have been awful.

20190326_181137Last Tuesday, I knew I was going to run 4 miles for my Patient Partner Hannah’s birthday that day. The temps were still below freezing before work, which meant frozen pavement so I couldn’t run then. Instead, I ran after work when it was gorgeous out. But every step was a struggle and every breath felt like I was running atop Mount Everest. I had a busy day at work and probably didn’t fuel or hydrate as well as I could have, but I truly never settled into this run. Had it not been Hannah’s birthday, I would have scrapped the run altogether.

After forcing myself through those 4 miles, I was in a bit of pain. I had no pain during, but immediately afterward I was thinking, “Ugh, what did I do to myself?” Same old pain, same place on both legs (low on my left posterior tibialis muscle, high on my right one). I went to PT the next morning and had a rather intense and productive dry needling session with Ben, but hoped that would do the trick.

Unfortunately it did not, and I was in enough pain the rest of the week not to attempt any more running. I should have made time to use the arc trainer at the gym, but life is so hectic right now and I am truly exhausted from this training cycle and juggling so much at work while we are without a director on my team, that I’ve been so exhausted after work. Running is something I look forward to, even on bad days, but not inside and not on a cardio machine at the gym.

I was in the car for over 3.5 on Friday and Saturday each, but it was well worth it to make a quick trip down to my mom’s in Connecticut to celebrate her birthday. But I definitely didn’t stretch, foam roll, ice my legs, or even fuel or hydrate enough at all let alone properly. I tried to catch back up on Saturday afternoon when I got back home, but I’m sure it was too late then.

I woke up on Sunday feeling great with fresh legs and the mental motivation I needed to run anywhere between 10 and 16 miles. Unfortunately, I was about 2 miles in when I realized this run wasn’t going to be much longer. Our volunteers had a water stop set up at Mile 3 and I knew I was going to turn around there. The pain was mild enough that I knew that I could get back to the start on foot, but bad enough that it wasn’t worth going any further with just 15 days until the marathon. I actually probably should have stopped after 5 miles, but I had no way other than a cab to get back to the gym, so I kept going and actually limped a bit in that final mile.

I’ve been in quite a bit of pain ever since, but I’m not panicking yet. I actually decided to go to my trainer this morning before work despite the pain, because I needed to feel strong and good at something. We took it easy on my legs but by the end, the right one was screaming anyway. I know I’ll have fun on Marathon Monday, but it would be so nice not to be in pain or to have to walk half of it. I’m feeling a little sorry for myself right now and I hate that I am letting this little injury do that to me, but I’m just so tired. Physically and mentally, and definitely emotionally. Every little thing sets me into a rage or tears. Need to snap out of it!


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