Pounding Pavement & $5,000 Raised

I’ve been lousy about updating my blog, I know. I haven’t even been great about posting about my workouts on social media. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exhausted. In fact, I’m starving and tired all the time. Even though I missed a full 6 weeks of running outside, I was still doing all my workouts inside on the cardio equipment (minus the 10 days of required rest), and between work being absolutely bonkers right now and the commitment of training, I am beat.

So when I come home from a long day at work or finish an awesome but tiring workout, the last thing I want to do is talk about working out. I’m lucky to eat dinner these days – a lot of nights I find myself eating a bowl of Cheerios and walking Chip half-asleep at 7pm before getting in bed to crash long before most toddlers. The good news is that Chip LOVES to sleep, particularly in my bed. He gets all whiny and annoying if I don’t open my bedroom door and let him “go to bed” by 8pm.

But despite my exhaustion and insatiable hunger, I am SO PUMPED and actually reinvigorated by the fact that I am back to running outside again! The rule with my coach was always that I was not going to run outside until the ground had thawed – frozen pavement would be far too much impact for my healing legs. So when the temperatures were predicted to hit 60° last Friday, I emailed my coach and asked what he thought. His response?

Indeed, sounds like you’re ready to take on the roads again. Just be cautious so as to not incur any setbacks. Otherwise, continue what you’ve been doing on the treadmill – but take it to the roads.

You’ve been doing a great job plowing through this – so keep up the good work. We’re almost ’there’.

The legs carried me 6 miles on Friday and 3 on Tuesday!

Yay! So on Friday after work, I headed outside to run for the first time in 6 weeks minus a day. I knew I was going to take it slow (doing run/walk intervals), but I had no idea how far I’d go. I did a loop close to home in case I needed to cut it short, which got me to about 2 miles. I was feeling really good, but thirsty (I didn’t bring any water and it was actually quite warm!) so I continued onto Marathon Sports in Brookline, where I stopped in for some water and they offered me a free GU. This was so needed, because I knew I wanted to go a few more miles but I’m used to fueling every 4ish miles. In addition to not bringing water, I also didn’t bring GU or money/credit card, so that free GU was a gift from the gods. I ended up running 6 total miles, with zero pain. I actually wanted to go another 6 miles and thought very seriously about going back to Marathon Sports for another GU or two, with the promise to return with money. But, I could hear my coach’s voice in my head saying, “Take it easy.” Instead, I sadly returned home to stretch, soak, and ice my legs even though they felt awesome.

After running outside, I was dreading 10 miles on the arc trainer the next morning. I don’t ever look forward to doing my miles inside, but now I felt like a dog who had tasted freedom and was being forced into a cage.

I ran outside again Tuesday, despite having horrible stomach pains/cramps/gas all day. I’m not quite sure what caused it, but it was not fun. I got 1 mile into my run and decided to pause my watch and walk for 10 minutes, trying to relieve the pain. But that didn’t help, so I slogged through another 2 miles with pretty uncomfortable stomach issues. Fortunately I didn’t crap my pants and my legs felt great, but my stomach was a mess all night and even into the next morning. It might be time for a cleanse, and at the very least I’m quitting ibuprofen a few days earlier than planned (I can’t take it for 30 days before surgery on April 24, which means stopping by this weekend). I’ve been taking it a LOT lately for all this leg pain and it might finally be taking its toll on my insides.

During the day on Friday, I also hit the $5K mark of my fundraising! I am still awaiting a $1,000 corporate match and still have another $1,300ish worth of t-shirts to sell, so hopefully I hit the $8K mark by the morning of the marathon so I can wear a Pacesetter patch on my singlet!



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