First Official Run of My 18-Week Marathon Training Program

Sunday was the official start of our 18-week marathon training program. Since it was a rest/foam roll/stretch/ice day for me, and yesterday was a strength training day, today was my first run of the 18 weeks!

I set my alarm for 5:15am to run before work and guess what? I actually got up and ran! Well, I snoozed till 5:30 and tried very hard to talk myself into rolling over and going back to sleep, but guilt won. And then I didn’t exactly “get up and run” because Chip prefers long walks first thing in the morning, but I finally got out the door around 6:15am. I ran 3 miles as planned, but upped my running intervals from 3 minutes to 4 minutes, still with 1-minute walking intervals. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be, except right in the middle of my run when I had a few hills to conquer.

However, 3 scary things happened on my run.

  1. Around Mile 1, I noticed a car driving slowly beside me. I was on the sidewalk, with a line of parked cars in between the creepy car and me, but it was still pitch dark out and I was totally unnerved. He drove alongside me for about a 1/4-mile, and I turned to look at him every few seconds. Eventually, he stopped and I later assumed he was most likely an Uber/Lyft driver in a regular car looking for his passenger’s address. But it was creepy at 6-something in the morning on an otherwise empty street.
  2. 20181211_064013
    I almost died here this morning.

    Just after Mile 1 and then again around Mile 1.75 (because I did an out-and-back route), there was a massive patch of thick ice. Thankfully I saw it before I got there, but there was no salt anywhere in sight, despite the fact that it was where the train tracks meet the road at the very end of the Green Line. All the MBTA workers were just ignoring it. How lovely.

  3. Just before I got to the ice the second time, I was almost hit by a car. Now, mind you, I am decked out in reflective/light-up gear. I was on the sidewalk. I saw the car pulling out of the parking lot for the overpriced condos. She looked left, so I stupidly assumed she would look right before flooring it out of her parking lot, but I was wrong. I waved my arms in front of her and she slammed on the brakes. I got out of her way and said, “You should look where you’re going.” Instead of apologizing or even giving me unsolicited and inappropriate advice (“You shouldn’t be out here at this hour,” “You should have waited for me,” or “You should activate your blowhorn when cars approach.”), she actually yelled at me from her open window: “F$%# off!” OK? I literally did nothing wrong here. And last I checked, you look both ways before pulling out into the street.

Instead of letting that ruin my day, I finished my run strong and proud. I have really struggled to get up and run before work lately. I am far less motivated to run before dawn than I am to make it to my workouts with Sadlo, and obviously that’s because I’m out $20 if I bail on her, but it costs nothing to sleep in when I should be outside running. So I’m really proud that I got out there today!


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