I am adamantly against the consumerism that has infiltrated the holidays, especially Thanksgiving Day itself. For the last 10 or so years, my brother hasn’t been able to celebrate Thanksgiving except for the two years I cooked in our tiny little Boston apartment (in my tiny little stove).  Even when he transferred from Connecticut to a Massachusetts Target – where retail stores are not allowed to be open on Thanksgiving – he slept all day in order to be able to go to work at midnight when the store opened. It’s not right. I’ve never gone shopping on Black Friday and the deals have gotten so worthless. Even Cyber Monday isn’t worth it. All I bought this past weekend was a pair of Under Armour cold weather running tights (since my legs are STILL chapped from my cold AF turkey trot – more to come on that).

So when #GivingTuesday became a thing about 5 or so years ago, this was finally a pre-Christmas “holiday” I could get behind.

Whether or not you went shopping on Black Friday (or – hopefully not – Thanksgiving Day) or shopped online on Cyber Monday, I hope you will consider supporting me today. I’ve raised $1,350 ($1,850 when a corporate match comes through later this week) toward my $10,925 goal.

Click here to donate.


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