Right Where I Want to Be

Friday night’s run in the dark

My plan since I got the OK to start running in September was to be ready for our first DFMC group run on December 8, doing run/walk intervals, even if only for a few miles. So far, so good because I ran 3/1 intervals yesterday – my longest running intervals since my injury diagnosis in May! It was hard as hell. My leg felt fine (aside from tightness in both calves, a constant issue for me), but my stamina has a LONG way to go. I was checking my watch pretty much 1:45 into each run segment, which meant I still had another 1:15 to go but was gassing out. I kept my pace slow, but was struggling to keep it steady. Overall, I’m so happy and relieved to know that as long as all goes well for the next month, I’m going to be exactly where I need to be on December 8 – doing 3/1 intervals with Lori for 6 miles (3 out and 3 back, Miles 15-17 of the Boston Marathon). The plan is to do the same workout Tuesdays and Thursdays as the previous weekend, then up my total running time on my weekend runs but stick with 3/1 intervals until January or even mid-December, seeing how I do running on my own next month. And until January, I’m not focusing on pace or even sharing what my pace is.

It was nice to have a legitimately cold run after such a hot summer and weirdly warm (and rainy!) fall. I finally invested in a new pair of running gloves. My dad got me awesome Under Armour gloves a few Christmases ago but they are too warm for most runs, or at least once I get warmed up. So I picked up a pair of Nike gloves at Marshall’s this weekend using a birthday gift card, and they were good at blocking wind without making my hands hot & sweaty. I’ll still need the warmer ones for those sub-zero wind chill long runs, but I’m starting to finally figure out how to dress for MY BODY in cold weather. It’s all about light layers. I was a tad warm yesterday in a short-sleeved tech shirt underneath my half-zip middle layer (another birthday gift card treat), but I was running right at sundown so I quickly cooled once the sun was gone – not an ideal time to run because of the temperature fluctuation.

Chip is having a dental cleaning under anesthesia on Wednesday so I have to bring him to the vet at 7am, which means no time for a morning strength training session with Sadlo. Instead, I went this morning and will go again on Friday. And speaking of workouts, yesterday Juls and I took Jack to toddler time at an indoor trampoline park. She’s still not allowed to jump after giving birth, so I did all the jumping with Jack and BOY was it fun! I was sweating – what a good, unique workout. I did not do any backflips or toe touch jumps, no matter how badly I wanted to. I don’t need any more broken bones before the marathon, thankyouverymuch. It was some great QT with my favorite little man, though.


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