I am adamantly against the consumerism that has infiltrated the holidays, especially Thanksgiving Day itself. For the last 10 or so years, my brother hasn't been able to celebrate Thanksgiving except for the two years I cooked in our tiny little Boston apartment (in my tiny little stove).  Even when he transferred from Connecticut to… Continue reading #GivingTuesday


Post-Injury Firsts

I have some exciting “firsts” to report! First, on Sunday I ran my first 3-miler since my injury. It took me…a lot longer than it used to but that’s OK. I am still doing 3/1 intervals (3 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking) and my endurance still has a long way to go, so… Continue reading Post-Injury Firsts

Kicking Off DFMC Season #2

This past Wednesday was our first DFMC Team Meeting, held at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. If I wasn’t already excited to start officially training for my second marathon, I certainly am now! We’ve got more than 470 team members already (of about 550 spots), 50% of whom are first-timers. I noticed some very young faces and… Continue reading Kicking Off DFMC Season #2