Hiking and Rest

After I had pain during my run on October 18, I took a full two weeks off from running. I didn’t intend to take two weeks off, but it just happened that way. I did go hiking on Soapstone Mountain in Shenipsit State Forest with my dad for his birthday two weekends ago. It was a very easy hike on a well-worn path that even cars can drive on. Pretty soon into the hike, I realized the pain was definitely soft tissue because while I could feel the discomfort all the time, it was on inclines and declines that it really flared.

We ended up covering 3.3 miles with only a 468-foot elevation gain (1,069 feet at the summit) in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I could have gone twice as far/long, but I wanted to make sure I did OK the next day, too…which I did!

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T-Shirts Now Available!

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for my final t-shirt design, here it is!


Long-sleeved t-shirts now available for pre-order with delivery/shipping starting next weekend. $30 per shirt. Front reads: “Boston 2019” and “running for a cure” and back reads “26.2” and “Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.” These are preshrunk 100% cotton. Sizes are unisex and available in adult S-XL. If you’re not local, please add $5 for shipping per shirt. Cash, check or Venmo (@kelly-packard).

Comment here or send me an email to place your order.

Proceeds from t-shirt sales will go directly toward my fundraising for the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.

Personal Checks = Closer to My Goal

Thanks to two recent personal checks, I’m even closer to my $10,925 fundraising goal than my page shows.

Huge appreciation goes out to:

  • The wonderful couple who has lived next door to my childhood home since I was 2 years old, Hal & Brenda Allen (it still feels weird to call them anything other than Mr. and Mrs. Allen but they insist). My dad still lives next door to them, and every time I’m there to visit him they wave hello. And every Christmas Eve, I bring over an enormous plate of my Christmas cookies. Hal usually requests more of the good ol’ chocolate chip cookies (just like my dad). This past summer, when I sought refuge from being on crutches here in Boston at my dad’s house, Brenda brought me over a plate of mini quiches since she knew I wasn’t supposed to be up on my leg. So when I was there this past weekend and she told me to come on over to get a check for my fundraiser, I told her I was sorry to come empty-handed but she said they looked forward to my Christmas cookies and that she was going to make more mini quiches for me at Christmastime. Yay! I love chatting with them and hearing about her life in Cambridge/Boston during her 20s.


  • My dermatologist, Victoria Griffin at Brookline Dermatology, who reminds me every single appointment to wear sunscreen to reduce my risk for the most common form of cancer in the United States – skin cancer! I’ve admittedly terrible about applying it before running outside in the warm weather because I sweat so much and it ends up in my eyes, but in 2018 alone I she removed and biopsied four spots – all in places where I’ve had bad sunburns over the years. One had moderately abnormal cells so we’re keeping an eye on it and fortunately the others were all benign, but it was enough of an eye-opening experience that I started being MUCH better about finding good sweatproof sunscreen to use on long, sunny runs.


The Pain Returns

I should say I *think* that “The Pain” has returned. On Monday morning, one of the exercises we did with my trainer was dips between two boxes. But since most of us aren’t that strong yet, we used a resistance band under our legs to make it easier. Except the resistance band was right on my injury site, with all my body weight on it. I honestly didn’t think of this at the time and it felt fine during the workout. It wasn’t until later that day that I realized it.

Since then, I’ve had some minimal pain. But I’ve also felt ye old posterior shin splints (inside, low part of my lower legs), and my calves has been insanely tight, so I chalked up the pain to the combination of all that. I ran pain-free on Tuesday. But on Thursday, I was about 18 minutes into my 30-minute run when I started noticing sharp pain about 30 seconds into each 90-second run interval (it was my first run moving up from 60-second intervals to 90-second ones). I stopped, walked a bit, and ran again. But like clockwork, the pain would return after 30 seconds of running. I finally called off the run after 24 minutes / 2 miles. I was scared. I worried my injury was back. How would that even be possible? Continue reading

$1,000 Raised, $9,925 To Go!


Right out of the gate, I’ve already raised $1,000. Thanks to my dad, my mom, my dear friends Julie & Ben, my bestie Julia & her husband Drew, and my fellow Boston Gator Jonathan & his wife Laura, I hit my first fundraising milestone with just under 6 months to go! Thank you guys so much for your support – we’re one step closer to the ultimate finish line for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

You can donate here.

6 Months until the Marathon

Believe it or not (I’m in the latter camp), the Boston Marathon is 6 months from today! 182 days! 26 more Mondays until THE Monday!


I’m holding off on publicly thanking my first supporters until I reach my first milestone ($1,000), so if you want to make a donation, you can do so here: danafarber.jimmyfund.org/goto/KellyDFMC. I’m also patiently awaiting approval on my custom t-shirt design from the Dana-Farber compliance folks, so check back soon for more info on those.

In the meantime, I have been running! Since September 18, I’ve only run twice per week instead of 3 times like planned, but it’s because I’m being extremely cautious about every little ache and pain, and also life has been hectic. My boss took a new position with a different company after 11 years here, and I am completely crushed. She was much more than just a manager to me – she was a mentor and a friend – and coming to work just hasn’t been the same. I’m content and I like my job and I’m so happy for her, but it’s been a major adjustment and I miss her a lot. Continue reading