Ramp-Up Week 1: Complete

I survived my first week back to activity! My week went like this:

  • Tuesday – 45 minutes of biking, resistance level 4 (8.66 miles)
  • Wednesday – 45 minutes of biking, resistance level 6 (8.65 miles)
  • Thursday – yoga in the Boston Public Garden with Jess, a very gentle flow class
  • Friday – strength training by Kristina, a solo session because no one else showed up for the 6am slot!
  • Saturday – yoga on the bowling lanes at Flatbread Pizza Company with Meghan, a very challenging class (but didn’t panic when putting all my weight on my left leg like I did on Thursday!)
  • Sunday – active recovery, on my feet all day running errands, meal prepping for the week, doing laundry, and cleaning my apartment
  • Monday – 45 minutes of biking, resistance level 7 (9.33 miles)

Yoga on the lanes

I also went to PT on Friday morning and Monday afternoon. On Friday, we did Graston on both calves and dry needling on the left calf. On Monday, I wasn’t even planning to have PT but someone cancelled their afternoon appointment so I snagged it (I originally couldn’t get any appointments for this week or next). Ben didn’t want to needle me 3 days apart, so instead we did Graston and ART on both calves. Graston sucks, dry needling sucks, but ART (active release technique) is MISERABLE. I’m not sore afterward like needling though, so I guess it evens out.

After all that, I still feel great! My right eyelid has been twitching pretty much non-stop since Thursday morning, and my upper back has also killed since around the same time. I googled it, and both tend to be stress-related and worsened by caffeine and fatigue. I haven’t been sleeping great – which is unusual for me – so I decided on Sunday that I wouldn’t drink until I get to the cottage later this week. Sadly, it hasn’t helped the twitching but my back is feeling a bit better. I’m pretty tired all the time right now, so maybe it’s my body adjusting to working out (hard) every day after 12 weeks of sitting on my behind? Who knows, but I sure hope the twitching stops and the back pain isn’t just the new normal as I approach age 34…

The next week will be interesting. I’ll continue to up the resistance on the bike but as of Thursday morning at the crack of dawn, I’m leaving the city to spend a few days at the cottage. My recumbent bike rides will be replaced by real rides on my actual bicycle and/or kayaking, walks in the woods with the dogs, and maybe even some yoga or body weight exercises among the trees. I get back to town on Monday afternoon and I’m not sure if my gym will be open or not. If it is, I’ll do some spinning. And then on Tuesday, I can finally switch from the recumbent bike to the elliptical – and I have never looked forward to the elliptical more in my entire life.



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