20180821_082115I know, I know. I still owe baby shower updates. And I’ve been drafting a 543,095-word blog post about all my DIY projects for my “new old” apartment. I’ve been slacking in terms of blog posts, and sadly also in regard to working out, but not when it comes to projects around the apartment!

I’ve been eating really well, but hardly exercising. I’ve average 2 trips to the gym each week to ride the bike with zero resistance (all I was allowed to do, cardio-wise) for 30-45 minutes. That was actually intentional, because I stopped wearing the boot as of Sunday, August 12. I went to IKEA that Saturday, and wore it there knowing I’d be walking a ton and lifting heavy furniture/boxes, but by the time I got home I was ready to take it off…for good.

So, because I was walking around unprotected for the first time in over 2 months, I decided to take it easy on my leg and only bike every third day. Ben the PT said this was a good call. I had no pain, so I was hopeful the boot was finally going to be retired.

And it was! I saw my orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. I stopped in radiology for an x-ray, then headed upstairs to her office. She came in smiling with obvious good news to share, and I felt a huge weight off my shoulders (or off my tibia). She said the x-ray looked perfect and the radiologist noted nothing except continued new bone growth over the injury site. YES!

After 12 long weeks since my injury and 11 weeks since the diagnosis/boot/crutches saga began, I am finally healed and recovered enough to start ramping things back up. The plan is to do two weeks of biking with resistance, then as long as I feel good move to the elliptical for another two weeks, and if all goes well I can start my return-to-running program in four weeks. I’ve already marked all of these dates on my calendar. Starting now, I can also do load-bearing strength workouts, yoga, barre, etc. I need to avoid spin classes for the next month (too much up and down on the pedals and seat) and I’m not allowed to do any jumping (burpees, jumping jacks, box jumps, mountain climbers, etc.) for two months. But otherwise, I am cleared for activity!

I started with 45 minutes/8.75 miles on the bike last night at level 4 resistance. It felt good/easy, so I’m going to up the resistance even more tonight. I signed up for a free yoga class in the Boston Public Garden tomorrow night with Jess, a free yoga class ON the bowling lanes at Flatbread Pizza on Saturday morning with Meghan, free barre on Monday night and free yoga next Wednesday night. And I’ll bike on the other days! Aaaaand the most exciting workout of all – my first Splitfit session with Kristina since the day of my injury this Friday morning at 6am. I can’t wait for her to whip me back into shape.

I know that sounds like a lot all at once, but it’s really not. All the biking is SOOOO easy on my leg, barre is just a whole body toning workout (no impact and I can skip the single leg stuff). Same with yoga except it’ll be even better for my overall well-being – which has definitely suffered this summer. I have the worst adult acne right now, my clothes don’t fit because I’ve gained 15lbs in 3 months (though I’ve already lost about 3lbs just by eating clean these past few weeks), and my stress/anxiety level are at an all-time high. I know a lot of that will resolve after my brother moves out next week – our relationship has become toxic and we desperately need to live apart and more than anything, I cannot wait to live alone again – and in a month when I can get back to running. Weight just falls off me when I’m running a lot, and it’s also so good for my mental health. And I’m going to start working from home twice a week after Labor Day, so I’ll be home every Tuesday and Friday which will make it easier to run before work or squeeze in a workout after work.

I’ll be canceling my BHAC gym membership effective October 1, and can’t decide if I should join the BSC in Allston for $25/month, the YMCA in Oak Square for $54/month, or just be gym-less and focus on running, personal training sessions ($20 a pop), and a few yoga and spin classes here and there ($15-22 a class). I’m definitely leaning toward the latter now that I will have an extra bedroom, which will be my office/guest room/gym. The only downfall is that I’m not a jerk so I still can’t work out at home before work (I live on the top floor and have people sleeping below me), but I am thinking of following this weekly plan:

  • Mondays – bicycling around the ‘hood or spin class
  • Tuesdays – 5:30am runs, then work from home
  • Wednesdays – 6am training sessions (bike to and from?)
  • Thursdays – 5:30am runs
  • Fridays – 6am training sessions (bike to and from), then work from home
  • Saturdays – morning long runs
  • Sundays – yoga at home




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