Throwing a Baby Shower, Part 1 of 3

The Planning

When my best friend Juls (Julia but referred to by her high school nickname Juls because it’s too confusing with our other best friend being named Julia!) found out she was pregnant with her first child, she lived in Georgia and we weren’t able to have a shower for her. They moved back home to Massachusetts just after her son turned 1. This past New Year’s Eve, I showed up at her new house with good beer and snacks and was excited to celebrate with them and a few of their friends. But before anyone else got there, she told me she wasn’t drinking.

She wasn’t drinking!

She had taken a pregnancy test earlier in the day and the rest is history. I kept my mouth shut until she started telling people (aside from her family and other close friends, who knew sooner). But the wheels in my head were already turning. I had so much fun throwing her bridal shower in 2013 that I couldn’t wait to throw her a proper baby shower. At first she wasn’t too keen on the idea of have a baby shower for her second baby. We both find it incredibly tacky when people have multiple baby showers. It’s just not appropriate to continue asking for gifts, but some people thrive on attention.

Juls is not that person, and this wouldn’t be her second baby shower. At first we settled on the idea of a “sprinkle” but finally she took off the reins and let me go wild. Continue reading


Healing, Slowly But Surely

20180707_072148I had my first follow-up orthopedic appointment this morning. It’s been 5+ weeks since the pain first began and 4+ weeks since I got the boot, the crutches, and the grade 1 anterior tibial stress fracture diagnosis.

So how’s it been?

Weeks 1-3

As I wrote about earlier, the first 3 weeks on crutches were hell. I barely left my dad’s house during the second week and my apartment the first and third weeks; Chip and I were miserable on every pathetic “walk” we took; and the pain was pretty intense. Then we survived 4 hours in the car to get to our happy place – my family’s cottage in the Adirondacks. It was like a switch flipped. Continue reading