The Conveniences of City Life

Having groceries and Target orders delivered to my apartment has been lovely and so necessary right now. My dad helped a ton with laundry while I was there last week, but I obviously will have worn a week’s worth of clothes by the time I leave for vacation on Thursday evening, and no one wants to start off their vacation with dirty laundry. Then I realized the place I bring my laundry every week for wash & fold does pick-up and delivery, too! No need to risk hurting myself with a heavy bag of laundry (or shoving 6-7 clean articles of clothing from my trunk into a backpack every time I come inside from walking Chip, like I’ve been doing since last Thursday).

I really lucked out with living in a city where these great services are available. As I type this, Chip is out for a 30-minute walk with his dog walker, Jacky. She’s been walking him every Tuesday and Thursday since the first week of January. He adores her, and given her reports, he is much more well-behaved for her (he isn’t BAD with me, he just barks and lunges at every other dog on a leash).

Granted, I would love my own driveway and my own washer & dryer and my own yard for Chip to run around. But, I like living in a city so when I find myself on crutches and hardly mobile, it’s nice to have all these – although expensive – convenient options for getting on with my life without hurting myself worse.

It’s now Tuesday afternoon and aside from “walking” Chip, I still have not left my apartment since Friday morning’s dentist appointment. I’m getting my nails done this evening, which should be an adventure. It’s a 10-minute walk or a 3-minute drive, but I need my close parking spot for tomorrow morning and it’s unlikely it will still be here at 5:30pm. Tomorrow is street cleaning day AND there are tons of nearby roads blocked off due to construction, so parking will be Hunger Games style by later this afternoon. Instead, my plan is to hobble to the train stop across from my apartment, pay my $2.65 fare to go 2 stops, hobble across the street from the train stop to the nail salon, then repeat the whole process including another $2.65 fare. Beats paying $7ish each way for an Uber (I know this because I once Uber’d to and from the salon during a snowstorm).

Then, after my wonderful week in the Adirondacks, I will come home to another grocery delivery. That’s right. Even if I’m feeling much better by then, I HATE going grocery shopping especially after being away and then spending 4+ hours in the car, so I opted to have another Peapod order delivered that evening. I scheduled it for 6-8pm, so I won’t have to rush on the drive back to Boston, but that’ll give me enough time to throw something together for the next morning because the plan is to go back to working in the office Mondays-Thursdays with my regular Fridays at home.

Here’s what I get from Jacky after each walk (Jacky’s photo and a map of their walk covered for privacy):




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