My Second Shipt Experience (An Emergency!)

I went to bed at a lovely 8pm on Sunday night. I had taken Chip out around 4pm and knew he’d need to go out once more before bed, but he actually “put himself to bed” around 7pm. He let himself into my bedroom while I watched a movie on Netflix in the living room, and never came out again. It was absolutely pouring out, and I almost died on my crutches on a slippery wet sidewalk on Saturday, so I was perfectly fine with not taking him outside and he seemed to have no interest in moving. I honestly worried he might have a little bug because we did absolutely nothing Friday-Sunday except 3 shorts “walks” each day.

I woke up in the middle of the night – around 1am – feeling like there was something in my left eye. I tried to blink it out but it still felt gritty. I ended up rubbing it until I fell back asleep.

20180625_064926 (1)When I woke up Monday morning around 6:30, my eyelids were so swollen. My left eye was almost completely swollen shut and my right eye wasn’t at bad, but still very swollen. They were also incredibly itchy. I took a Benadryl knowing that 2 would knock me out, washed my face hoping it was just allergies (which didn’t even make sense because I sleep with the AC and it poured, so everything should’ve been washed away – right?), and put on sunglasses before I took Chip out. It looked really bad.

The Benadryl seemed to help ever so slightly with the swelling, but the itchiness was driving me nuts. I emailed my eye doctor, concerned this was some sort of Graves’ eye disease flare-up. His medical assistant called me back right away, saying it looked like all the other patients coming in with swollen eyes and eyelids because of allergies. She recommended cold compresses throughout the day and lubricating drops for dry eyes. I told her I didn’t have any and asked if contact re-wetting drops would work, but she said I really needed something stronger. I explained my leg situation and she understood, but suggested getting someone to pick me up some drops.

Shipt to the rescue! I was debating placing another order anyway, as I was running low on almond milk (I use it in my smoothies and coffee) and didn’t want to run out before I leave on Thursday, so this made my decision easy. Because I only needed the milk and drops, I didn’t meet the $35 threshold and had to pay a $7 delivery fee. Sure, I could’ve added a few more items that I’d need eventually, but I really just wanted the damn drops for some (hopeful) relief. I placed the order around 11:30am, and selected the 1-2pm delivery window.

I saw around 11:45am that Kathleen B. had claimed by order, but I never heard from her. One major complaint that I didn’t realize during my first Shipt experience was that I have no way of contacting my shopper. They can contact me like Ilia did on Saturday to let me know something was out of stock, but I have no way of reaching out to say, “Hi, the delivery window closes in 10 minutes at which time I have a conference call. Will you be here soon?”

I kept checking the app to see if it would tell me she was on her way or there was an issue, but it never showed me anything more than the order confirmation screen with the little picture of Kathleen B.

As soon as the clock struck 2pm, I hit send on an email to Shipt customer service that I had drafted a few minutes earlier. I took my 2pm conference call and by 2:15 when it ended, I still hadn’t heard from anyone so I called the customer service number. After about 2 minutes on hold, a very southern woman answered (Shipt is based in Alabama). I explained that I never received my order and she was very apologetic. I had trouble being mad given her adorable accent. She placed me on hold while she tried to call Kathleen, but came back saying she was unable to reach her. She said she would re-push my order, get a new shopper on it, and take $15 off my order total for the inconvenience. Great!

Except she said the next window wouldn’t be until 4-5pm. Ugh. I needed the eye drops ASAP, and had I known it would take all day, I might have schlepped across the street to the little Russian pharmacy. I expressed this dissatisfaction as politely as I could, and she said she could make the 2-3pm window happen. By this point, it was 2:20 and Target is about 15 minutes away with traffic and a zillion red lights, but anything was better than possibly waiting until 5pm.

Only 5 minutes after hanging up, I got a text from Brooke saying we had just spoken and that unfortunately the 2-3pm delivery window wouldn’t be possible but that the order was now confirmed for 3-4pm. I responded with a simple, “OK” – not feeling very convinced that I was going to get my freaking eye drops today. But alas, I got a Shipt app notification saying Rachael B. was shopping my order just before 3pm, and then she texted me asking if I needed anything else. How kind! I declined but it was a nice gesture. She mentioned she was looking for ice for another customer, so apparently your order can be grouped with others’ and assigned to the same shopper.

20180624_120241Rachael arrived a little before 4. I had already taken Benadryl, so I popped those eye drops in both my eyes, took Chip for a short walk, and then got into bed. Fortunately when I woke up, my eyelids were a LOT less swollen. I really think it happened because I cleaned 3 weeks’ of pollen and dust from every surface of my apartment, took a shower but obviously had already gotten all that junk into my eyes/sinuses.

I hope Kathleen B. is OK, and if so, that she feels lousy about leaving me high and dry. The customer service from Brooke at Shipt HQ was friendly and helpful, but it was a bummer that I expected something by 2pm and then it didn’t arrive until almost 4pm.

If you’re interested in giving a Shipt a try, use my referral code for $20 off your first order. I’ll also get a $20 credit!


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