My First Shipt Experience

You guys. I am finding so many ways to make life easier for myself right now. Other than walking Chip and a dentist appointment yesterday, I haven’t had to leave my apartment in 2 days and yet I’ve received a giant grocery order thanks to Peapod and now a few essentials from Target thanks to Shipt.

From’s About Us page:

Through a user-friendly app and a local network of reliable shoppers, Shipt connects members to fresh groceries and everyday essentials. Saving time, fuel and headspace, next-hour, same day grocery delivery is quickly becoming an everyday necessity for people looking for an extra few hours and intentional food choices.

Now in over 153 cities and counting, Shipt works with vetted shoppers who are able to set their own schedules and are constantly aiming to improve member experiences through a newly developed rating system. By partnering with retailers in each city, shoppers are able to move efficiently through stores. Befriending store employees and fellow shoppers has been an organic product of the process!”

So when I forgot to add avocados and seltzer water to my Peapod order, I debated going to get some. I can’t live without either one these days. But my leg is finally starting to feel less painful and I think that’s because I’ve been really smart about staying off it. I thought about using something like Postmates, which I honestly don’t know much about but I know that people in Boston use them despite the fees involved.

Then I remembered hearing about Target’s new partnership with Shipt. Sure enough, I found a coupon code for $15 off my first order and a free 2-week trial. Otherwise a membership costs $99 a year, which is the same as Amazon Prime but with a lot fewer product options. Obviously I’ll be canceling before this the 2-week trial is up, but it’s a nice service to have this week in case I need anything else.

Basically you can order any item that your local Target carries, as long as it’s in stock. I ordered 4 avocados, 4 bottles of seltzer, baby oil, a refill for my kitchen hand soap, a glass pitcher for my iced coffee, Command hooks to re-hang the gorgeous burlap wreath my mom made for my apartment door, and a wrist brace. My hands and wrists have been killing me from the crutches, and I also sleep with my wrists bent down (called flexion) and the backs of my hands against my face (like a baby, ha!), and my left wrist in particular has been excruciating lately. I think it’s because I put most of my left-side weight into my hands when I walk with the crutches, and also because I usually sleep on my left side with my left hand against my cheek and my right arm wrapped around a bolster pillow. Anyway, I need something to keep me from doing that at night so I added a simple wrist brace to my order.

Screenshot_20180623-090255_ShiptI placed my order Friday night and selected a delivery window of 10-11am on Saturday. You can order with at least 2 hours’ notice, unless of course the store is closed or closing soon. You can also update your order until one hour before your delivery window, which I did at literally 8:59am by adding one more avocado.

The drawbacks are that you can’t use your Target credit card for the 5% discount or any coupons. Your delivery driver goes to Target, buys your items, pays for them, and then brings them to you. Once your order arrives, you get charged for the pre-authorized amount, plus/minus any changes.

I got a text just after 10am from Ilia, introducing herself and letting me know they didn’t have one of the seltzer flavors. No problem, I told her. Then she texted me a few minutes later saying she found the seltzer but than an employee confirmed they did not have the pitcher in stock. Bummer! But I told her it was OK. A little while later, she told me she had finished picking up my items and was on her way to my apartment.


About 20 minutes later, she rang my apartment and I buzzed her in. I wasn’t sure if she would, but she came all the way to the third floor for me. I answered the door on my crutches and she asked where she should put the 2 bags (brown paper! – Watertown has already banned plastic). I motioned to my dining room table right next to me, and she put them down and scurried out. I stopped her and asked if I could tip her through the app (I already knew I could but didn’t want her to think I was shorting her). She said yes and wished me a good day and was gone before I even finishing thanking her. She must have been in a rush, but she was perfectly friendly and everything I ordered – except the pitcher – was there and exactly as I was expecting it to be.

A few minutes later, I got a notification from the app that my receipt was available. Upon viewing it, I was able to rate the driver, the order, and provide a tip. I tipped her $5 on a $46 order, which ended up only being $31 with my discount. It felt like a fair tip but maybe I should’ve given more? I never know with delivery stuff! She did do all my shopping for me, but it’s not like she isn’t getting paid by the company, too. If this was a random person I’d hired, I would have probably tipped more.

I would definitely use Shipt again. Target is the only store available around here, but with Peapod for groceries, Target is pretty much the only other store I frequent on a weekly basis. The $99 fee is cost prohibitive so I won’t use them beyond the free trial, but it might be worth it for people who have long-term reasons for why they can’t go on their own Target shopping trips.

If you’re interested in giving a Shipt a try, use my referral code for $20 off your first order. I’ll also get a $20 credit!


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