Back to Reality

After 7 wonderful days of being waited on, having someone to walk Chip, having a yard to let Chip out in, being able to stay on the ground floor all day until bedtime, having someone do my laundry for me, and having a guaranteed spot to park my car every day, it’s back to reality.

I left my dad’s just before 5:30 this morning after he so kindly helped me load a bunch of backpacks (my new accessory these days) and one giant sack of clean laundry into my car. I should have left earlier because I hit a ton of traffic, but I hardly slept. First of all, a skunk sprayed right outside the house just as I got into bed last night. I swear it felt like he sprayed directly into the window AC in my bedroom. It was nauseating. Then, instead of Sunday Scaries about work I had Wednesday Scaries about coming back to the city – the unpredictable street parking situation, the 2,498 stairs to get into my apartment, the toxic energy in my apartment itself, and having to walk Chip at least 2x a day for the next week so he doesn’t die from being backed up or destroy my rug. I’ve got his walker, Jacky, coming tonight while I’m at my work event and Tuesday and Thursday mid-day even though I’m planning to work from home all next week.

My boot is already showing some wear & tear.

As soon as I got myself, Chip, and as many backpacks’ worth of stuff as I could fill and wear without tipping over on the stairs with my crutches back into my apartment, the pain really set in. I forgot to take ibuprofen this morning. I’ve been taking it 3x a day since this injury first happened 3 weeks ago. I’ve also been drinking a lot more than I normally do (3-4 beers every night – over the course of 5-6 hours but still). So not only does my tibia hurt, but now my stomach hurts ALL the time – hungry or not. I think I may have given myself a peptic ulcer. I’m prone to them, and the combination of all those NSAIDs and all that alcohol probably did me in.

So, for the next week I’m on an alcohol detox. I’m a big believer in letting yourself eat and drink whatever you want on vacation, which starts one week from now, but I’ve put on some serious weight this past spring, and probably a good 5lbs since I got the boot and crutches. That all stops now.

I finally got around to ordering my flotation belt for pool running. It helps keep you upright so you can mimic the running motion in the water. I’m very excited to start doing that this weekend, as much as I can next week after work, and then at the beach every morning on vacation, before the lake gets too crowded.

I also need to get back into doing my silly but effective chair workouts. I’m already losing stamina, sleeping poorly, and feeling disgusting.

Aside from my work event earlier tonight, my dentist appointment tomorrow morning, a much-needed pre-vacation manicure on Tuesday, an appointment downtown on Wednesday, I don’t plan on leaving my apartment except to walk Chip all weekend or really at all otherwise next week until I leave for vacation on Thursday after work. The stairs here are a doozy, and I don’t want to get stuck not being able to park anywhere near my building, so it’s best to stay home with my leg up and on ice.


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