June 24 is Global #SportsBraSquad Day

I’ve written a bit about body shaming and image on here before (You Are More Than Your Body, January 2018; Let’s Get Physical, November 2017; People Called Me Fat, October 2017; Shutting Down Diet Talk, September 2017Good For You, August 2017) but I’m not very good at practicing what I preach. Would I ever run in a sports bra (meaning no shirt)? Probably not.

Well, not without a lot of encouragement. And others doing the same. Including people who look like me. The closest I’ve gotten is this Instagram photo taken from a very flattering angle a few weeks ago, while sucking in with all my might.


I can’t run due to my tibial stress fracture but if I could, I am certain I would be going to this and taking off my shirt in public for the first time in a long time. To all my Boston friends, consider doing this next Sunday: www.facebook.com/events/1992034884458890.

If you’re elsewhere in the country, find your local Global #SportsBraSquad Day 2018 meetup here.


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