My Second Shipt Experience (An Emergency!)

I went to bed at a lovely 8pm on Sunday night. I had taken Chip out around 4pm and knew he’d need to go out once more before bed, but he actually “put himself to bed” around 7pm. He let himself into my bedroom while I watched a movie on Netflix in the living room, and never came out again. It was absolutely pouring out, and I almost died on my crutches on a slippery wet sidewalk on Saturday, so I was perfectly fine with not taking him outside and he seemed to have no interest in moving. I honestly worried he might have a little bug because we did absolutely nothing Friday-Sunday except 3 shorts “walks” each day.

I woke up in the middle of the night – around 1am – feeling like there was something in my left eye. I tried to blink it out but it still felt gritty. I ended up rubbing it until I fell back asleep.

20180625_064926 (1)When I woke up Monday morning around 6:30, my eyelids were so swollen. My left eye was almost completely swollen shut and my right eye wasn’t at bad, but still very swollen. They were also incredibly itchy. I took a Benadryl knowing that 2 would knock me out, washed my face hoping it was just allergies (which didn’t even make sense because I sleep with the AC and it poured, so everything should’ve been washed away – right?), and put on sunglasses before I took Chip out. It looked really bad.

The Benadryl seemed to help ever so slightly with the swelling, but the itchiness was driving me nuts. I emailed my eye doctor, concerned this was some sort of Graves’ eye disease flare-up. His medical assistant called me back right away, saying it looked like all the other patients coming in with swollen eyes and eyelids because of allergies. She recommended cold compresses throughout the day and lubricating drops for dry eyes. I told her I didn’t have any and asked if contact re-wetting drops would work, but she said I really needed something stronger. I explained my leg situation and she understood, but suggested getting someone to pick me up some drops.

Shipt to the rescue! I was debating placing another order anyway, as I was running low on almond milk (I use it in my smoothies and coffee) and didn’t want to run out before I leave on Thursday, so this made my decision easy. Because I only needed the milk and drops, I didn’t meet the $35 threshold and had to pay a $7 delivery fee. Sure, I could’ve added a few more items that I’d need eventually, but I really just wanted the damn drops for some (hopeful) relief. I placed the order around 11:30am, and selected the 1-2pm delivery window. Continue reading


The Conveniences of City Life

Having groceries and Target orders delivered to my apartment has been lovely and so necessary right now. My dad helped a ton with laundry while I was there last week, but I obviously will have worn a week’s worth of clothes by the time I leave for vacation on Thursday evening, and no one wants to start off their vacation with dirty laundry. Then I realized the place I bring my laundry every week for wash & fold does pick-up and delivery, too! No need to risk hurting myself with a heavy bag of laundry (or shoving 6-7 clean articles of clothing from my trunk into a backpack every time I come inside from walking Chip, like I’ve been doing since last Thursday).

I really lucked out with living in a city where these great services are available. As I type this, Chip is out for a 30-minute walk with his dog walker, Jacky. She’s been walking him every Tuesday and Thursday since the first week of January. He adores her, and given her reports, he is much more well-behaved for her (he isn’t BAD with me, he just barks and lunges at every other dog on a leash).

Granted, I would love my own driveway and my own washer & dryer and my own yard for Chip to run around. But, I like living in a city so when I find myself on crutches and hardly mobile, it’s nice to have all these – although expensive – convenient options for getting on with my life without hurting myself worse. Continue reading

My First Shipt Experience

You guys. I am finding so many ways to make life easier for myself right now. Other than walking Chip and a dentist appointment yesterday, I haven’t had to leave my apartment in 2 days and yet I’ve received a giant grocery order thanks to Peapod and now a few essentials from Target thanks to Shipt.

From’s About Us page:

Through a user-friendly app and a local network of reliable shoppers, Shipt connects members to fresh groceries and everyday essentials. Saving time, fuel and headspace, next-hour, same day grocery delivery is quickly becoming an everyday necessity for people looking for an extra few hours and intentional food choices.

Now in over 153 cities and counting, Shipt works with vetted shoppers who are able to set their own schedules and are constantly aiming to improve member experiences through a newly developed rating system. By partnering with retailers in each city, shoppers are able to move efficiently through stores. Befriending store employees and fellow shoppers has been an organic product of the process!”

So when I forgot to add avocados and seltzer water to my Peapod order, I debated going to get some. I can’t live without either one these days. But my leg is finally starting to feel less painful and I think that’s because I’ve been really smart about staying off it. I thought about using something like Postmates, which I honestly don’t know much about but I know that people in Boston use them despite the fees involved. Continue reading

My First Peapod Experience

This review describes my own personal experience, in my own words. I did not receive any payment or discount for this review, and have no affiliation with Peapod or Stop & Shop (other than being a loyal customer!).

After my experience at Trader Joe’s when I first got the crutches & boot, which involved leaving one crutch in the car so I could push the cart with one hand, not getting any offers for help until the cashier offered to bring my groceries to my car for me (what a saint!) and the carrying the groceries into my apartment in a backpack, I decided I could not do that again.

I finally decided to give Peapod a try. For those of you not in the Northeast, Peapod is the delivery service of Stop & Shop (or Giant – the name varies based on where you’re located), the grocery store chain. I usually do my shopping at both Trader Joe’s and Stop & Shop. There are plenty of “errand” services in Boston that charge a fee to do your shopping for you and have been known to have quality control issues, but this one doesn’t involve a third party. Continue reading

Nice People vs. Jerks

To say that life on crutches has humbled me would be an understatement. I’ve had to ask for (and accept offers of) help more in the last 2 weeks than I have in years. Neighbors in my building – most of them I’ve never even spoken to – have offered to carry my things upstairs, take out my trash/recycling, hold doors, get my mail, etc. Strangers on the sidewalk run up ahead of me to get the door (this creeps me out a little, but I guess it’s no more risky than having someone follow you into your building). One of my weirdo stoner neighbors even helped me put my dirty laundry sack in my car last week. I’ve heard some version of, “I’ve been in that boot before and know how miserable you are right now!” at least a half-dozen times already.

But sadly, this has also been an eye-opening experience. Look, New Englanders are known for “not giving a f&*#.” I’m one of them. It’s why I couldn’t tolerate the slow and over-friendly way of life down South. I don’t like people asking my business or offering unsolicited advice. But having my own neighbor – who has always been a total douche – slam the incredibly heavy front door in my face when I was 2 steps behind him on my crutches was a major low point for humanity. Dropping my keys on the sidewalk and having to try to balance on one leg to pick them up while a couple walked past me was, too. People sitting right next to the door in nail salons and coffee shops while I struggle use one crutch to the hold the door while I try to shimmy out hopping on my good leg? Some pretty horrible human beings. The woman at my work event last night who felt the need to squeeze between me (trying to be as out of the way as possible) and the wall, almost taking my crutch with her as she bumped into me, barely even apologized and earned herself a place on my sh*tlist. And she’s a coworker! I also spent a significant chunk of change at a local craft beer store out in western Mass, and the guy working obviously saw me struggling but never offered to hold my selections or help while I walked around deciding which $3-5 cans or bottles to add to my 6-pack.

I don’t “expect” help. Continue reading

Back to Reality

After 7 wonderful days of being waited on, having someone to walk Chip, having a yard to let Chip out in, being able to stay on the ground floor all day until bedtime, having someone do my laundry for me, and having a guaranteed spot to park my car every day, it’s back to reality.

I left my dad’s just before 5:30 this morning after he so kindly helped me load a bunch of backpacks (my new accessory these days) and one giant sack of clean laundry into my car. I should have left earlier because I hit a ton of traffic, but I hardly slept. First of all, a skunk sprayed right outside the house just as I got into bed last night. I swear it felt like he sprayed directly into the window AC in my bedroom. It was nauseating. Then, instead of Sunday Scaries about work I had Wednesday Scaries about coming back to the city – the unpredictable street parking situation, the 2,498 stairs to get into my apartment, the toxic energy in my apartment itself, and having to walk Chip at least 2x a day for the next week so he doesn’t die from being backed up or destroy my rug. I’ve got his walker, Jacky, coming tonight while I’m at my work event and Tuesday and Thursday mid-day even though I’m planning to work from home all next week. Continue reading

June 24 is Global #SportsBraSquad Day

I’ve written a bit about body shaming and image on here before (You Are More Than Your Body, January 2018; Let’s Get Physical, November 2017; People Called Me Fat, October 2017; Shutting Down Diet Talk, September 2017Good For You, August 2017) but I’m not very good at practicing what I preach. Would I ever run in a sports bra (meaning no shirt)? Probably not.

Well, not without a lot of encouragement. And others doing the same. Including people who look like me. The closest I’ve gotten is this Instagram photo taken from a very flattering angle a few weeks ago, while sucking in with all my might.


I can’t run due to my tibial stress fracture but if I could, I am certain I would be going to this and taking off my shirt in public for the first time in a long time. To all my Boston friends, consider doing this next Sunday:

If you’re elsewhere in the country, find your local Global #SportsBraSquad Day 2018 meetup here.