New Shoes Attempts Nos. 1 and 2

20180516_204232.jpgAfter loving the Hoka One One Arahi running shoes I tried on last fall but opting for the Mizuno Wave Sky so as not to stray too far from the Mizuno Wave Riders I’d be wearing for the previous 3 years, I finally purchased a pair of the Arahi 2s on Wednesday. I’ve had nothing but issues since buying the Wave Skys, but I don’t know if they are to blame. They were special ordered for me so when I got the call that they had arrived, I stopped in on my way home from work. There was a metered spot directly in front of the store and I didn’t bother to pay – knowing I’d be in and out in a matter of minutes. When the employee asked if I wanted to try them on, I said, “No because I didn’t pay the meter and tried them on last fall.” Big mistake.

They hurt. I put them on as soon as I got home and took Chip for a walk. With each step, they bend in half on the top of the shoe, where my second-smallest toe meets the rest of my foot. This was on both feet. It also hurt on the right sole of my foot, that pad underneath your baby toe and along the outside. So after dinner, I added my arch support insoles, laced my shoes the weird way I need for my high insteps, and wore thick socks as opposed to my super thin Feetures Elite Ultra Light socks. They felt a lot better, but the socks weren’t working for me. They’re old and stretched out and really just meant for kicking around the house when my feet are cold.

So when I got up for my workout on Thursday, I wore the new shoes with my usual thin socks to the gym for my 4-mile elliptical workout. My feet KILLED. The soles burned despite my insoles and they rubbed the toe on my right foot so badly that I got home to a blister.


I finally felt better enough from the stomach bug around 6pm to go to Marathon Sports and exchange them. I explained what didn’t feel right to the same girl who always helps me – she’s the best! I took off my shoes and walked around the store in my socks while she watched. She said I definitely need a stability shoe but that with the stability shoe, my insoles would be too supportive. Good to know!

brooks2The first shoe she brought out was the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18. I’ve never worn Brooks but know so many people who do, and love them. I immediately loved them. They felt like socks. So light, so comfortable, so conformed to my foot. I took a quick spin up the block in them as she watched me, and said they were definitely providing me stability.

sauconyShe went and grabbed two more pairs of shoes that were similar in stability and cushioning. The next pair I tried was the Saucony Guide ISO. I don’t know many people who wear Saucony, but I loved the colors. They felt wide in the toe box but rubbed my the inside of my arch so much that it was painful after a quick trip up & down the block. These were definitely a no-go.

mizunoFinally I tried on the Mizuno Wave Inspire. Yay, I love Mizuno! She said these were a step up in terms of cushioning from the Wave Riders I have always worn until November. The Wave Sky I’ve been wearing is their most cushioned shoe, but neutral and I need stability. I really liked these, but they felt ever-so-slighty clunky compared to the Brooks. But hardly noticeable, and I would be happy to run in these.

Because I can only afford one pair right now, I opted for the ones that felt best – the Brooks!


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