Voltaren Gel was a Total Flop

20180508_203624.jpgAfter fighting with my insurance company (and CVS and the doctor’s receptionist) to get approval for the Voltaren gel the doctor recommended for my pain, I’m disappointed to report that it hasn’t provided me any relief. In fact, I even triple-checked it to make sure it wasn’t expired. I read that it works like a miracle for some people while others notice no improvement, and unfortunately I’m in the latter group. I’m still trying to remember to apply it 4 times a day – it’s a pain to apply gel to the back of your knee and then sit around pants-less waiting for it to dry! – but I’m pretty sure nothing’s going to suddenly change.

Oh well.

Because the Voltaren is a topical NSAID and not much is known about how much actually gets into your bloodstream, I was told to avoid taking ibuprofen for my pain. I did need it on Tuesday because of horrible cramps, but otherwise I avoided it. This threw off my whole pre-long run routine, which always includes ibuprofen and Biofreeze. I used the Voltaren instead, and let’s just say it did not end well. More on that later, but anyone else find Voltaren totally useless??


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