A couple weeks ago, these two girls were at my gym handing out information about SplitFit. I’d never heard of it before but I had just finished weight lifting and they had free Health Warrior bars, so naturally I stopped by before leaving.

According to their website:

SPLITFIT is the easiest way to get quality personal training in reputable Gyms & Studios near you on-demand for $20. Share the cost of the session with up to 3 people and get a custom workout at an affordable price. Our network of established Gyms & Studios offers safety, consistent quality and great amenities. Learn about your trainer, the location and others in your group before you arrive. Say goodbye to monthly memberships and costly training packages – simply pay as you go when you want, where you want with SPLITFIT.

How funny that my trainer is the one used in the example!

$20 hourlong sessions with a trainer? How is that possible? My gym charges $85 for a 45-minute sessions! I’m thinking, “OK, what’s the catch?” But there isn’t one! Oddly enough, there were no sessions available at my gym, but the girls recommended a trainer named Kristina at CrossFit in Coolidge Corner? My response: “CrossFit? Yeah, no thanks.” I’m way too injury prone for that, and Ben the PT actually made me promise I would never go. But the girl reassured me it’s not a CrossFit workout – the training session simply takes place there. It was a Tuesday at this point so I decided I’d sign up for the 6am session on Friday. Normally on work-from-home Fridays I sleep as late as I possibly can, roll out of bed to walk Chip, and then sign onto my computer while still in PJs. Not this week!

There was only one other person signed up and as it turns out, it would just be us two and the trainer, Kristina. I got there a few minutes early, not knowing what to expect. It was hot as hell already and the gym isn’t air-conditioned, and actually has a big garage door that is opened to the outside. I was worried I’d be drenched in no time.

Kristina arrived at the same time as me and we talked briefly about my goals, my injury, running, etc. The other guy who was in the session with me had been working with Kristina for about a month. Even though our goals were different (he’s a very small guy who wants to get stronger), we still did the same workouts with some slight weight/rep adjustments seeing as it was my first session. Kristina is a strength & conditioning coach for local athletes and sports teams, and said we’d be doing the same type of workouts with her.

We started with warming up by rowing for 300 meters (I went for 400), then went right into the hard work. We did everything from inch worms to push-ups (my first real ones in YEARS) to split squats and so many other exercises. Yes, I was dripping, but I never felt out of breath because it wasn’t a cardio workout – a pleasant surprise. I definitely get enough cardio in from running.

After the workout, we were welcome to stay and stretch or head home. I opted to head home so I could stretch while starting my work day. Kristina said she’d check in with me over the weekend. I ended up going to the Bruins game with my dad that night, so I was pretty dang tired but the soreness finally set in about 15 hours after my workout (10pm), so I had a lot of trouble sleeping because I couldn’t get comfortable. I was really sore on Saturday and slightly less sore on Sunday. I worried I would still be too sore for my second session with Kristina at 6am Monday, but I went ahead and scheduled it anyway and am so glad I did!

This time it was me and two other guys who had also been working with her for a while. We did a totally different workout. I think the only thing we did the same were the inchworms. We actually “jogged” to the corner and back as our warmup and for a few seconds, I worried about running in trainers vs. running shoes, but it was such a short little jog that I was fine. I was less sore after this workout, but equally as sweaty during.

Later that day, the cramps set in and I knew I was going to need a couple of rest days. It timed out well because my dad had a minor medical procedure on Wednesday, so I drove to Longmeadow Tuesday after work and ended up staying there for the rest of the week. I failed at my attempt to do a 9-mile long run on Saturday (I know I keep saying this but more on that later!) so I knew I needed Kristina to kick my butt back into gear on Monday morning.

So that’s how I started off my day this morning. I think I’ve found my groove. My alarm goes off at 4:45am, but I don’t get out of bed till 5am. I wake up, wash my face, put on my workout clothes, take Chip for a walk (thankfully it’s already light out in Boston at this hour), have a small cup of coffee and half an English muffin with peanut butter, then head out the door. I’m home by 7:10ish, jump in the shower, make a protein smoothie, get dressed, take Chip out one more time, then I’m off to work with coffee in hand! I don’t bother doing my hair so it’s a wavy mess by the time I get to work, but frankly I don’t care. I’m tired and ravenous throughout the day, but I know once I get more used to these early morning workouts, they’ll have the opposite effect and I’ll have more energy throughout the day and sleep better at night. And the best part of all? I’ll have my spring/summer evenings to enjoy the sunshine or do whatever I want, since I’ll have already worked out for the day. And on the Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays that I’m not at my training sessions, I’ll run/lift/do something else at the gym or outside before work.

If you want to try it out with me or somewhere else, feel free to use coupon code KELLY2659 and your first session will only be $5 instead of the normal $20.



1 thought on “SplitFit”

  1. Great post! We are so excited that you took a leap of faith and gave SPLITFIT a try. You are most definitely going to see an increase in energy, strength (and HEALTHY soreness). Keep up your workouts and keep spreading your referral code to get yourself some SPLITBUCKS!

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