It’s Only a Plan

As I wrote in my last post, training plans are called “plans” for a reason. On Day 1, I had to scrap the plan and go to bed immediately after work instead of running or going to the awesome new class at the gym I love so much. I got maybe 2 full hours of sleep on Sunday thanks to the Bruins game, my dog being woken up at 2am thus waking me up, and too much beer earlier in the night to be able to fall back asleep after that.

It’s pretty uncommon that I don’t sleep much/well, but when it does happen, it usually hits me on the second day so I was expecting to be OK yesterday but tired and dragging today. Nope. I went grocery shopping after work and was about 3 steps into the store when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I bought 3 heavy bags worth of groceries like I usually do but did something I never do – took the elevator down one floor to push the shopping cart to my car instead of carrying 3 said bags down one flight of stairs and across the parking garage. I struggled to walk Chip after work and honestly did look at my running shoes but decided to just change into sweatpants and crawl into bed. I was dozing off while attempting to watch Hulu on my iPad, and eventually realized it was a losing battle and called it a night around 8:30pm. I woke up this morning at 6:30am thinking I had died. I seriously debated taking a sick day but I’m glad I didn’t – once I got up, walked Chip, and took a rare morning shower, I felt like a human again.


Something is definitely going around, though and I’m worried I might catch it. My friend Jess was sick at the Bruins game but it toughed it out. My boss was out sick yesterday and my co-worker (whom I share a cubicle wall with) is out sick today. It might snow today and it might hit 80° this weekend, so I’m not surprised people aren’t feeling great. I just hope this energy lasts long enough for me to get in those 3 miles after work that I skipped yesterday.


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