Boston Marathon 2018: Spectator Recap

Monday's weather was my personal hell. I would take 80° with blazing sun or -10° with several feet of snow (sure, I’ll complain about them) over temps in the high 30s/40s/low 50s and heavy rain ANY DAY. But last year, everyone kept saying how dangerous the heat would be for us runners. I was hot… Continue reading Boston Marathon 2018: Spectator Recap


MRI and Biopsy Results

First things first – no skin cancer! Even though the dermatologist kept saying “basal cell carcinoma” and the images I googled looked exactly like the bright red zit-thingy on my chest, it turned out to be a benign skin growth called a lichen-something-or-other. Great. I honestly was far less concerned about the biopsy than my… Continue reading MRI and Biopsy Results