Count Me in for Boston 2019

Despite all my pain and frustration about my hamstring, I have been incredibly motivated lately. It’s almost April in Boston which means that everyone is out running, all the time, regardless of the weather. Signs are going up. Businesses are announcing sales or closures or extended hours. All any runner can think about or talk about is…


In just 16 days, the 118th Boston Marathon will take over this city and the towns between here and Hopkinton. I took the day off work and am planning to stay at Juls’ house in Ashland, which is along the course. I’ll watch the elites and my DFMC crew run by, and then I’ll head back to the city to enjoy a beer or two while cheering everyone on from somewhere along the final few miles of the course. And I will spend the entire day wishing I was out there.

DFMC Water Stop #2 volunteers at the “last long run”

Last weekend, Jess, Meghan and I volunteered at the “last long run” for the Dana-Farber team. It’s not really the last long run, but it’s the 20/22-miler, the longest training run of the season. Between now and April 16, marathoners are tapering their mileage to avoid overtraining and last-minute injuries.

Being out on the course last Saturday was the biggest FOMO I have experienced since April 17, 2017. Jess and Meghan admitted they felt the same. And so I verbally committed to apply for the 2019 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team. This has been my plan since about April 18 or 19 last year, but I was only around 95% sure I would do it. Of course, I need to be accepted to the team, but I am hoping my $9,000 fundraising last year and my volunteer efforts this season as well as my personal reasons for running (Riley, Taty, working at Dana-Farber for 2+ years) will be enough to earn me a spot once again.


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