Count Me in for Boston 2019

Despite all my pain and frustration about my hamstring, I have been incredibly motivated lately. It’s almost April in Boston which means that everyone is out running, all the time, regardless of the weather. Signs are going up. Businesses are announcing sales or closures or extended hours. All any runner can think about or talk about is…


In just 16 days, the 118th Boston Marathon will take over this city and the towns between here and Hopkinton. I took the day off work and am planning to stay at Juls’ house in Ashland, which is along the course. I’ll watch the elites and my DFMC crew run by, and then I’ll head back to the city to enjoy a beer or two while cheering everyone on from somewhere along the final few miles of the course. And I will spend the entire day wishing I was out there.


DFMC Water Stop #2 volunteers at the “last long run”

Last weekend, Jess, Meghan and I volunteered at the “last long run” for the Dana-Farber team. It’s not really the last long run, but it’s the 20/22-miler, the longest training run of the season. Between now and April 16, marathoners are tapering their mileage to avoid overtraining and last-minute injuries.

Being out on the course last Saturday was the biggest FOMO I have experienced since April 17, 2017. Jess and Meghan admitted they felt the same. And so I verbally committed to apply for the 2019 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team. This has been my plan since about April 18 or 19 last year, but I was only around 95% sure I would do it. Of course, I need to be accepted to the team, but I am hoping my $9,000 fundraising last year and my volunteer efforts this season as well as my personal reasons for running (Riley, Taty, working at Dana-Farber for 2+ years) will be enough to earn me a spot once again.


Progress and Pain

So about 6 weeks ago, I finally got cleared to run. I’ve had good runs and OK runs – no great runs and no bad runs – but I’m bummed to report that my hamstring pain is back. It is 100% localized to the meaty part behind my knee, and it’s only about a 4 out of a 10 when I run, but it’s also a 4 out of 10 all day, every day. I’ve been slacking on stretching and foam rolling, and my weeks haven’t been very consistent due to a couple of time-consuming obligations, a complete inability to work out before work these days, and a weird two-day allergic reaction/GI upset due to something I ate. I’m hoping my pain level will improve as I get more consistent and my body gets used to running again, but I’m frustrated and worried about my appointment with the doctor at Spaulding next week.

I had PT this morning for the first time in over a month, and Ben seemed equally bummed and frustrated, but more optimistic than me. When I told him about the crazy shooting pain I’ve been experiencing on my RIGHT side (the good side) when extending my leg out to the side in ballet, he palpated the area and low and behold, my gluteus medius was insanely tender to the touch. Yet after a brief dry needling treatment to that muscle, I was pain-free. He and I are both wondering if my left hamstring pain could be due to this muscle tightness/weakness on my right glute. You know, the whole overcompensating thing. Continue reading

Harpoon 5-Miler Round Two, Here I Come

Last year’s Harpoon 5-Miler is hands down the most fun I’ve ever had during and after a race. It was also my best time for anything longer than a 4-miler, so of course I signed up again this year. They switched from a lottery system to a first-come, first-served system this year and I am so happy about that. I always make sure I’m sitting in front of my computer when race registrations open, so I did the same today at noon. It’s a good thing, because the race was sold out by 12:20pm when my co-worker tried to – on a whim – sign up.


Please note: running races is NOT cheap! But free beer at ALL of these makes them totally worth it.

That makes three races I’m confirmed for, and I am most likely also running the Firecracker4 on July 4 and the Salem Road Race on September 10.

I’ll post an actual running update soon!


Boilermaker 15K Round Two, Here I Come

I had so much fun at last year’s Boilermaker 15K in Utica, New York that I decided to take advantage of my “Preferred Runner Early Registration” invitation and sign up for the 2018 race. If you’re looking to sign up, regular registration opens at noon next Saturday, March 17.


Officially, I’m only signed up for *correction: two three* races in 2018 – this one and the Covered Bridges Half Marathon on June 3 in Vermont. *I also forgot I have a guaranteed entry for the Falmouth Road Race on August 19 because I ran the virtual race last year.* I’m still nervous about my slow recovery and increased pain over the past week, but I have faith that I’ll be good to go in the next three months.