She’s Back (to Running)!

I know, I know. I’ve been terrible about updating this. However, I like to think it’s because I’ve been busy living life. Well, watching a crapload of ER (thank you sweet Jesus, I mean Hulu, for streaming all 15 seasons seasons!) and also living life.

I’ve had four shockwave therapy sessions now. The first session was life-changing but I was admittedly a little frustrated after the second session. The relief was so immediate and significant after the first time, that I was super bummed the same was not true after the second time. The big difference was laid before the second session, Dr. T asked me which was more comfortable – lying on my back with my leg up in the air or lying on my stomach. Stomach, obviously! And not just so I could cry into the pillow. So that’s what we did for the second session.

So when I went back for my third session and told Dr. T about the big difference between the first two sessions, he suggested that maybe we needed to stick with the less comfortable position. Sure enough, that did the trick and while sessions #3 and 4 were absolutely MISERABLE, I felt SO much better afterward and the relief lasted for several days each time.

But the big news from session #4 is that I GOT THE OK TO START RUNNING AGAIN! I should actually say “running” in quotes because Dr. T told me I can start with run/walk intervals, no hills, no speedwork, no pain. He said awareness of the hamstring is OK, but actual pain is not. My next appointment with him wasn’t for another 2 weeks so he said to keep up with the cross-training and PT, but to try adding running workouts back into my routine.

My last run outdoors was the Thanksgiving 5K, and it was beyond cold that day. Since then, Boston’s weather has been insanely inconsistent, but mostly very cold and so I have been thankful that I don’t need to be outdoors in freezing temperatures except to walk Chip. So when I got the OK to run but saw the temps were going to be stuck in the 30s, my excitement instantly waned. I HATE the dreadmill, but I really wanted to see what I was capable of, so I sucked it up and hit the gym early on Saturday morning to test it out.

I re-opened the 10K runner app for the first time in years because I always enjoyed those intervals. I did my 5-minute walking warm-up, and decided to start my 60-second run interval at 6.0mph (the equivalent of a 10-minute mile pace). Nope. Pain. Immediately. So I backed it down to 5.6mph/10:43 pace and that felt much better. I also noticed that picking up my feet a little more felt even better than my typical approach to running of never getting any air. Who would’ve thunk?

Finally dusted off the Garmin!

I ended up covering exactly 1 mile in 15 minutes of intervals of 60-second runs and 90-second walks. It is definitely an extremely conservative method right now, but I’d rather take it ridiculously easy than end up injured again before I’ve completely healed.

After my run, I did some weight-lifting – 85lb deadlifts, 75lb squats (both 5 reps x 5 sets), and 45lb weighted bridges (12 reps x 3 sets). Ben the PT got me setup with this program at my last PT appointment, and I’ve got sessions scheduled with him every 2 weeks for the foreseeable future.

I planned to make it to the gym on Sunday but it was an absolute monsoon outside and therefore a perfect day to nothing except buy groceries, do a load of laundry (linens only – I still don’t subject my clothes to the nightmare that is my building’s laundry situation), meal prep for the week, and watch hours of ER streaming on Hulu.

After work on Monday, I did another treadmill workout. This time, I did the same intervals but repeated them 8 times instead of 6 for a total of 20 minutes/1.44 miles. Again, no pain but definitely that “awareness” Dr. T mentioned. Every single barbell station was occupied at the gym – apparently everyone else in Brighton also follows my “Never Miss a Monday” mantra – so I couldn’t sneak in a weight workout so I used the Daily Workouts app to do a core workout instead. It is now Wednesday and my abs are still sore, so it definitely wasn’t a wasted workout.

Tuesday night I finally got my weight-lifting done and then took a spin class, and I’m headed back shortly for a personal training assessment followed by my new obsession – ballet burn! More to come on that.

85lb deadlifts (without bumper plates, sadly)

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