Shockwave Therapy Session No. 2

I had my second shockwave therapy treatment on Wednesday. This time, my appointment was in the afternoon – 2:30pm to be exact. I finally saw the doctor around 3pm, which is much better than my 90-minute wait at my first exam with him back in December. I actually don’t mind him running late now. I realize it’s because he spends time truly listening to his patients, and doesn’t send interns in to do his work for him (but they do participate in care – as Spaulding is part of Partners, which is comprised of all teaching hospitals). And he’s in high demand, especially from runners and other athletes, and it feels good knowing you’re seeing “THE guy” for your running injury.


While waiting, I got comfy and lied down on the exam table on my back. Suddenly, I woke up and it was 15 minutes. I had fallen asleep! Dead asleep! I knew I was tired but geez. Anyway, when the doctor came in he offered me those giant earmuff hearing protector things, and I was glad for them this time. Because he knows where my pain is worst, we didn’t need to be able to communicate with each other during the session, so we could both protect our hearing. He only asked a few times, “Here?” and I could either shake my head yes or no.

In all, the session was less intense because I knew what to expect, but more focused on the painful areas. Just like last time, I was immediately pain-free after the session, but I went home feeling more sore than last week. This was because he really got deep into the damaged areas. I was planning to go to an evening spin class at the gym I just rejoined, but I didn’t realize that the classes actually fill up ahead of time (I thought it was on a walk-in basis). I called to ask about shoes and he said there was already 1 person on the waiting list for 6:30, but that the 7:30pm class had spots. 7:30 is rather late for me, so I decided to just take the night off. I was SOOO tired despite that nice little power nap in the doctor’s office, and ended up dozing off for a bit and still going to bed at my normal time.

The pain is back this morning and I am very sore on one part where he focused the probe, but it’s the good type of sore.


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