Btone – Not For Me?

I went to my first Btone class on Tuesday evening. I’ve been meaning to go forever – I was gifted a 3-class pack MONTHS ago, but it expired after 30 days. However, I notice that every month, it reappears in my Mindbody passes, as if the studio is renewing it. That’s super nice of them, so I decided to finally go. I knew it was non-impact but I didn’t realize it was going to be so rough on my hamstring. Had I known that, I probably would’ve waited until I was further along in my healing process. That said, I do want to give them the benefit of the doubt for a number of reasons, including the fact that my hamstring simply can’t handle that intense of a load right now.



I arrived at the new-ish studio in Chestnut Hill 15 minutes before class started. It’s in The Street – a big outdoor shopping center on Boylston Street, 10 minutes from my apartment. Parking is ample and I was able to get a spot right near the studio. But when I walked up, I realized there was no real lobby. The earlier class was still in session, and if I went inside, I’d be literally in the room where class was taking place. They do have a teeny tiny doorway where everyone leaves their shoes, but standing in there meant being in the way when the earlier class ended, so I sat outside in the freezing cold. Less-than-stellar first impression point #1.

Eventually, two other girls arrived and waited in the doorway, so I decided this was kosher and followed suit to get out of the cold. We awkwardly stood there not speaking or making eye contact (this is Boston, remember – we are not a friendly folk). I slowly took off my boots to kill time. When the first class ended and the first person left the studio room to put on her shoes and leave, I decided to head on in. I hovered next to the check-in desk waiting for the teacher to acknowledge me. It took longer than felt comfortable, and I felt like my presence was bothering her. Finally I just said, “Hi! This is my first time here.” She was nice enough, but not overly so (which I would expect when someone brand new shows up at your place of business). She introduced herself, said she was a sub for the regular Tuesday night instructor, and told me there were a few other first-timers registered for class as well. She pointed to where I could put my stuff and said she’d walk us newbies through the equipment. She really seemed to warm up as others arrived and we all chatted about Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift songs. Continue reading


Shockwave Therapy Session No. 2

I had my second shockwave therapy treatment on Wednesday. This time, my appointment was in the afternoon – 2:30pm to be exact. I finally saw the doctor around 3pm, which is much better than my 90-minute wait at my first exam with him back in December. I actually don’t mind him running late now. I realize it’s because he spends time truly listening to his patients, and doesn’t send interns in to do his work for him (but they do participate in care – as Spaulding is part of Partners, which is comprised of all teaching hospitals). And he’s in high demand, especially from runners and other athletes, and it feels good knowing you’re seeing “THE guy” for your running injury.


While waiting, I got comfy and lied down on the exam table on my back. Suddenly, I woke up and it was 15 minutes. I had fallen asleep! Dead asleep! I knew I was tired but geez. Anyway, when the doctor came in he offered me those giant earmuff hearing protector things, and I was glad for them this time. Because he knows where my pain is worst, we didn’t need to be able to communicate with each other during the session, so we could both protect our hearing. He only asked a few times, “Here?” and I could either shake my head yes or no.

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Shockwave Therapy

In my last real update, I mentioned my appointment at Spaulding and agreeing to start shockwave therapy on my hamstring injury. I was supposed to start that on January 4, but I needed one extra paycheck before forking over the $625 fee (insurance doesn’t cover this treatment). So after a whole month without any PT or doctor’s appointments, I finally gave my hamstring some attention.

My appointment was seemingly the first of the day, considering I beat the receptionist to the office and the doctor  had me change into shorts and then took me back a few minutes before my actual 7:30 appointment time. He re-explained the procedure and asked me to show him exactly where the pain was. I lied on my back with my left leg extended in the air. He said it would hurt, but that I shouldn’t be “jumping off the table in pain.” He was right. It was really intense and uncomfortable, but I found that breathing got me through it. He first used a ceramic head on the probe, which created more of a dull “shock” pain. He kept it moving but focused on the area behind my knee, where the pain has always been worst. Basically where there is damaged tissue, I will feel pain from the probe. Where the tissue is healthy, it just feels like one of the vibrating skin cleansers. I realized as he moved more to the outside of my leg where my calf meets my knee, the pain was absolutely the worst – 10 out of 10. He said that made sense, and focused the probe there for a few minutes.



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You Are More Than Your Body

A real (and exciting & positive) update is coming soon, but in the meantime, I had to share something I saw on Facebook this morning that rocked me to my core – in a good way.

From Foodie Girl Fitness:


I have large strong legs that aren’t the least bit feminine. My calves are so large I can only fit them into wide-calf boots. I have belly jelly and a pooch that can’t be hidden by my clothes. I do not have toned arms. My face is scarred from years of cystic acne. I have stretch marks on my thighs, breasts and butt. I don’t like wearing jeans anymore because they don’t always fit over my hips and if they do they generally cut into my stomach.
WAIT… let me try that again…
I have strong legs that are capable of taking me anywhere I need to go, and have walked me across several half marathon finish lines, danced like crazy on some of my favorite evenings, and swam in the ocean under the sun as I’ve traveled to see parts of this world.
My stomach might be soft, but it was the home for my daughter for her first 9 months. It is the place that my deepest belly laughs come from. And just because it is soft, does not mean it isn’t strong. It holds me up, protects my back, and propels me through basically any movement I choose.
My arms have allowed me to hug my favorite people on this planet, high-fived some serious rockstars, and I can do like, 15 pushups on my toes with their strength!
My face does have scars, but my skin isn’t the only thing that determines my beauty.
Stretch marks might cover parts of my body, but those parts are strong and a part of me- and as far I can tell, they’re just rad little lightning strikes to remind me I am a force of nature.
I may not be able to fit into my jeans from a year ago, but leggings are more comfortable anyway. And I can wear the SHIT out of a smile.
Don’t ever forget my loves that your value isn’t in the circumference of your thighs, the softness of your belly, the marks on your body… you value is INFINITE. You don’t have to change your body, you just need to change your thoughts.
#YouAreMoreThanYourBody #SelfLoveSoldier


The Recovery Plan

In my last post, I promised an update on how my appointment at the Spaulding National Running Center went. Aside from Dr. T being 90 minutes late, it was rather uneventful. I expected to get some wild diagnosis, be sent for all sorts of imaging, etc. Basically, I was hoping for a groundbreaking discovery regarding my pain.


The diagnosis was exactly what I’ve been hearing for over a year – left hamstring pain due to overuse. The only thing different this doctor had to say, was that it has been going on for far too long.


Don’t get me wrong – he was compassionate in his delivery. I was just honestly hoping for him to say, “It sounds like xyz [something I’d never been told before] and the treatment is 123 [something I’ve never tried before.” Continue reading