Btone – Not For Me?

I went to my first Btone class on Tuesday evening. I’ve been meaning to go forever – I was gifted a 3-class pack MONTHS ago, but it expired after 30 days. However, I notice that every month, it reappears in my Mindbody passes, as if the studio is renewing it. That’s super nice of them,… Continue reading Btone – Not For Me?


Shockwave Therapy Session No. 2

I had my second shockwave therapy treatment on Wednesday. This time, my appointment was in the afternoon – 2:30pm to be exact. I finally saw the doctor around 3pm, which is much better than my 90-minute wait at my first exam with him back in December. I actually don’t mind him running late now. I… Continue reading Shockwave Therapy Session No. 2