The Final Week

Last Monday (the 13th), I wrote about how I took a rest day even though it was race week. Or maybe BECAUSE it was race week and the training was most definitely “in the bag” so I felt OK letting my body heal from what turned out to be horrible cramps + a flare-up of my duodenal ulcer, mostly likely from taking copious amounts of ibuprofen in recent months to get through these injuries.

I woke up on Tuesday feeling OK and went to my PT appointment before work. I knew we wouldn’t be working out but I also wasn’t entirely expecting Graston. It was MISERABLE. I ended up with petachiae – also known as “microbruises” but really just broken capillaries that occur while breaking up scar tissue and fibrous muscle. I had them all over my hamstring. By the next day, I also had some nice regular bruises. But it was a necessary evil.

I got through the workday but didn’t have much of an appetite. I actually tossed my lunch (and then went home and tossed the entire week’s supply I had made of it – something just wasn’t sitting right with me even though I’ve made this before). I knew I needed to eat something before I attempted a 3-mile run, so I had a bowl of cereal before taking Chip for a walk. But during that walk, I was weak and sweaty and out of breath. So I made the very adult decision to rest for another day. Instead of freaking out about 2 rest days in a row, I looked at it as 2 extra days to recover so that I could be 100% in plenty of time for Sunday’s half.

Tea, netipot, repeat.

But then on Wednesday I woke up feeling rough, and in a completely new way than earlier in the week. My throat was sore and I had a horrible sinus headache. I took as much Sudafed as I could find in my Drawer of Drugs, used my netipot before work, and packed a bunch of echinacea tea to drink throughout the day. I went to bed insanely early, and it all seemed to do the trick – I felt much better when I woke up on Thursday.

Which was good, because my alarm went off at 4:30am. I finally rolled out of bed closer to 4:45am, walked Chip, ate a GU, and headed out for a 1.5-mile run to PT. Ben tortured me with Graston again and we talked about my race/pace plan for Sunday. I felt good enough to run the 1.5 miles (all uphill) back home. Later, I squeezed in a gentle yoga class between leaving the office and going home to work for a few more hours from my couch. Friday was basically more of the same – work from home, gentle yoga, lots of tea (cold symptoms returned).

On Saturday though, I really had trouble getting going. I wanted to go for a 2-mile shakeout run, but I turned off my alarms at 6am, 7am, and 8am. I finally rolled out of bed around 8:30am and honestly considered telling my childhood best friend that I couldn’t make it to her baby shower. I felt off. I wasn’t going to be able to make it to a single yoga class because the shower was 30 minutes away, in the middle of the day (I’m not complaining – it was just unfortunate timing the day before a big race). I had no time for a run, nor the energy for one, so I showered, got dressed, went to the shower, and then went to the mall to run inside and grab my bib for the race.

Well, that was my plan. Instead it took me 10 minutes to park in the garage. When I got inside, I realized the line wrapped around the entire 1st floor of the mall (the race’s official sponsor and start/finish venue) TWICE. I decided to stop at the ladies room before getting into this hellish line, and there I bumped into my manager from the job I just left this summer. I adored her during my time there and she was waiting for her iPhone to be repaired at the Apple store, so she ended up waiting in line with me and we chatted. The time passed much more quickly with that distraction, and finally it was my turn to get my bib and jacket. Unfortunately, it was now after 3pm and I had been out of the house since 10am – all the while feeling not that great.

My wild Saturday night.

When I finally got home, I could barely keep my eyes open but I knew a 4pm nap would be detrimental to that night’s sleep, so I forced myself to stay upright…mostly. I did foam roll for about an hour. I made myself a pasta dinner and watched a few hours of Netflix until it was appropriate enough to go to bed.

So my week didn’t go as planned, but I took care of myself:

  • Sunday: 5K, Barre
  • Monday: YogaSculpt
  • Tuesday: 3 miles
  • Wednesday: Yoga
  • Thursday: 3 miles, Yoga
  • Friday: Yoga
  • Saturday: 2 miles, Yoga

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