1 Good Run, 1 Very Bad Run

I finally had a good run last Thursday after work. It was a run that almost didn’t happen. I got home from kickball so late on Wednesday night that there was no way I was setting my alarm for 5am to run before work. But I knew it was going to be tough to find time to work out on Friday – Chip had to be at the vet at 7:15am and I was going to spend the whole day working from a café nearby while he got his teeth cleaned under anesthesia, and potentially get a few pulled. And then we were going to head to Longmeadow for the weekend. I also was feeling especially exhausted, meaning it was probably almost “that time” of the month. So I canceled my 6pm platelet donation appointment and opted for a post-work run instead. And I’m so glad I did.

I had some arch discomfort but otherwise a really great run. I decided to walk up the big hills (there were 3 of them) and run the rest of the time. I was watching my heart rate closely and planned to slow down or walk if it ever got into Zone 5, which for me is 165 or higher. The funny thing is that only happened on those 3 hills. I felt so great that I think I might run by heart rate more often.

Poor Chip, all drugged up.

It was a good thing I rearranged my schedule the way I did because I woke up on Friday completely miserable with the worst cramps. I think I went through a dozen ibuprofen on Friday alone. The only good thing about Friday was that Chip didn’t need any teeth pulled! The vet had been worried about two of his molars but the fractures in those turned out to be in the teeth only – no root damage – so the teeth could stay. That meant a $150 bill instead of a $650+ bill, and no restrictions afterward. He was VERY tired and out of it. He stumbled around the lobby at first until I decided it was best I carry him. He barely cried on the car ride home (a first) and ate almost a whole bowl of food when we got home, but then climbed right into bed with me for several hours until traffic had died down enough for us to head west.

Chip hates the car to the point that I usually wear wax earplugs so as not to go deaf or want to strangle him, but he was about a level 4 on the volume scale compared to his usual level 10. Benadryl does not have that affect but apparently anesthesia does the trick – not that I’d ever subject him to that unless it was medically necessary, but man it sure was the nicest ride ever with him.

I crashed pretty soon after getting to Longmeadow, and told my dad I intended to “sleep in” on Saturday morning before we went on our hike. Chip actually had no interest in getting up but by 8am, I was raring to go.

On Sunday, I woke up feeling surprisingly good. I never actually felt sore except on Saturday night before bed. So I decided to head out for my long run. Big mistake.

While I may not have been sore walking around the house, I was most definitely dehydrated from Saturday’s hike + those 2 beers and not very much food. And my calves were INSANELY tight almost immediately into my run. I felt awful pretty much the entire time. I walked more than I have in a long time – even more than on my 10-miler before the BAA Half. I had forgotten to pack my Garmin charger for the weekend, and it was at 8% battery when I headed out and began beeping at me every half-mile before finally dying around 4.5 miles. I knew the route I had mapped out was 8 miles exactly and that I started out at 9:20am and finished at 11am, but otherwise I have no data – which is perfectly OK for a run I never want to think about again.

Except I have to, because my foot numbess and arch pain was unbearable and is what made my run so miserable. This is the second time I have wondered if there was a connection between the numbness and overall leg tightness/soreness as well a dehydration. Who knows, but I am completely fed up. Something has to give.

I’m going to a free cardio kickboxing class at the New Balance HQ with a friend on Saturday, and I plan to try out their new shoes while I’m there. The Fresh Foam 1080v7 shoes are neutral but super cushiony, and I’m wondering if that’s what I need. Besides, I have been told for the past year that I should have 2 totally different pairs of running shoes that I alternate between, so even if I end up getting the new version of my go-to Mizuno Wave Riders, it’s probably wise to have something else.

I also think I need to try going back to the version of my insoles that have the metatarsal pad, since that spot (the ball of my foot) is right where the numbness starts from and is most uncomfortable. They are pricey, especially if it doesn’t end up needing to be what my feet need, but I’m at wit’s end with these issues. I also emailed my PT place to see if I could get an appointment soon. My therapist moved to Colorado in June and I’m still sad about it but hopefully a few appointments with someone else there will do the trick.


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