Photos of Recent Races/Walks

The photos from the Jimmy Fund Walk were sent to participants last week, and my dad let me know that I “made it into the photos.” He must’ve been tired and delusional after walking 26.2 miles because I specifically sought out the finish line photographer, my ol’ pal Aaron Washington, and asked him to take one of us like he has every year.


What my dad did not realize is that I also ended up in another Jimmy Fund Walk official photo about 4 hours earlier in the day. Well, my rump did.


These nice people are probably like, “Oh what a great shot of us climbing Heartbreak Hill with smiles on our faces! Too bad some girl’s backside photobombed us.”

Sorry ladies!

It’s so nice that the Jimmy Fund lets anyone download photos for free. I paid for photos taken of my teammates and I during the marathon, and they were not cheap. And we had to raise a lot more money – such a bummer.

Anyway, I am definitely NOT paying for any of the photos of me I found in the BAA Half Marathon album.

Somewhere around Mile 1 with DFMC Teammate Marny.
Right around Mile 11. I remember smiling for the camera despite starting to feel pretty rough here.
Just before crossing the finish line, getting some serious air.

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