So Far, So Good

I’m 11 days into my Cambridge Half Marathon training plan and I’m 11 for 11! This may be the longest rest-free period of my entire life. Sure, Day 2 called for getting a massage and that may seem like rest to you but it was the day after my half, I was incredibly sore, and the massage was not at all a Swedish relaxation massage – it involved deep tissue “massage,” active release, and assisted stretching. It was restorative, yes, but relaxing? Not so much.


I may need to take an unplanned rest day at some point this week or weekend depending on my cycle. If that ends up being Saturday, I’m going to power through and go on my dad’s birthday hike with him, but then take a rest day Sunday and do my long run on Tuesday after work instead of in Longmeadow like I’m currently planning to do.

View along Tuesday’s run

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a good run since the BAA Half. I didn’t expect to feel great 2 days later for my run, but I expected to feel a little better by Thursday and definitely for my long run on Sunday. Sadly, that was not the case. Even this Tuesday’s run was miserable (but I snapped a great photo while feeling sorry for myself). I recently read about the 80/20 ratio applying to runs as well. A fellow runner and blogger said (and I can’t find the actual post but I definitely read it somewhere) that about 80% of her runs suck, but the 20% that are awesome totally make up for the sucky ones. I think that’s definitely true in my case.

My other workouts have gone exceedingly well. Last week, I went to barre on Friday night – a free class I received for my birthday. It was hard as hell and I could barely walk afterward, but the pain really set in over the weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning and felt pretty sore, but I drove out to the Natick Mall to take a free power yoga class at Athleta with Juls and Julia. It ended up being more of a regular yoga class with lots of sun salutations, and we held some poses for a long time to really feel a stretch. The instructor even pushed me deeper into some of these stretches, only one of which I pushed back on her during (pigeon on my left side – my hamstring was screaming!). Afterward, we all commented on what a great class it was. We got brunch and went our separate ways, but the next morning I texted them to be like, “Um guys? I can barely walk. Is it just me?” Julia was fine – she goes to yoga regularly and said it was probably Friday’s barre class making me so sore. Juls said she felt the same as me – she hasn’t done a yoga class like that before and is getting back into a workout routine herself. I’m guessing it was the combination of barre + a type of yoga I haven’t done in a long time.

I “slept in” on Sunday until 8am, and didn’t actually head out the door for my long run until 9:30, which is pretty late for me. I knew it was going to be an LSD – long, slow distance. I did my run 1 mile, walk 1 minute the whole time, but had numb feet for the first time in several months. All I could think of is that:

  • A. I had taped my shin because my shin splints are starting to resurface. When I tape my shin, I start on the outside of my foot, wrap under my foot, and then up the inside of my calf where the pain is localized. I had a lot of foot numbness when I taped my arches regularly this spring/summer, and always wondered if it had anything to do with the tape on my feet.
  • Or B. I was just so sore and tight that everything, feet included, were inflamed and thus really tight inside my shoes.

Either way, I never found relief except when I walked, so I ended up walking a little more often than 1 minute every mile, but I got it done.

I went back to Yoga Sculpt on Monday after skipping it the previous week so I could recover from my race. It was hard but do-able. My core remains ridiculously weak and I know that’s probably affecting my speed, but it doesn’t explain why every step of my runs lately requires immense effort. I’m hoping it’s just my body taking a slow recovery from racing undertrained. Maybe taking some rest days or even Saturday’s 6-mile hike instead of a high impact workout will be what I need to feel like myself on runs again. Because starting next week, my weekday runs increase to 5 miles and my plan calls for a 10K the following weekend. I can’t find one reasonably cheap or close, so I’m going to do a solo “race” where I will be running for speed.

Wednesdays continue to be my easy days dedicated to kickball. The season ends after next week though, so I’ll be seeking out something to do on Wednesdays. I’m thinking about getting a bigger package at my yoga studio and going to Sculpt on Mondays and their ChillFlow class on Wednesdays. Last weekend’s yoga class reminded me how much I enjoy the practice of yoga, and while the Sculpt classes are my favorite, it’s not really yoga.


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