Turning 33

My awesome cake
How was this 10 YEARS ago?!

I turned 33 on Saturday. There’s nothing exciting about turning 33. It’s not a milestone and you don’t qualify for any special discounts that you didn’t already get at 32. I intended to not really acknowledge it in any special way – sleep in till 7am, go for an easy 2-mile run to loosen up my legs for Sunday’s half, eat a bunch of carbs, drink a ton of water, go grocery shopping, catch up on my shows from this week, watch Florida play LSU from my couch, and maybe take a nap but definitely go to bed early so I could be as rested and hydrated for running 13.1 miles in Sunday’s 80° weather and 75% humidity as possible.

I knew that once I get home from the race on Sunday, I could celebrate with bad food and as much alcohol as I want, because Monday was a day off from work and the real “me” day. I havd an 11am mani/pedi appointment and 2pm 60-minute sports massage scheduled, and I still planned to go to my 7:30pm Yoga Sculpt class, unless I was really sore.

Except I looked at my nails Friday morning and realized they were in rough shape. I eat so many fruits & veggies now that my nails grow insanely fast, meaning the gel polish on my nails last the 2 weeks they promised it will, but my nails are way too long with big gaps of unpolished beds. The longer my nails get, the more I chew on them and pick at them, and the bendier they get (I have very soft nails from 30 years of biting them down to nothing).

Instead, my best friend Juls and I decided to get our nails done on Saturday. I said I’d be over her house after my shakeout run, and she said she also needed to get some runs in this weekend. We’re signed up to run the Boston River Run 5K together on Veterans Day weekend. I’ve done this race before (it’s hilarious and adorable that I thought there were a lot of runners – it was only my 4th race ever so I was still pretty naive) and loved the course, and thought it would be a good first race for her since the course is totally flat, it won’t be hot then anymore, and it’s supporting a good cause. It was also almost 8 weeks away when we originally signed up, but now it’s 4 weeks out and she’s barely been running but I know she’ll be fine in a month.


Anyway, we decided to meet up at her new house in Ashland to go for an easy jog around Ashland State Park.

Holy crap, you guys. Trail running is HARD. We only covered 1.8 miles and it took us 30 minutes, partially because we walked a fair amount but also because we were constantly dodging massive tree roots, rocks, and crazy slopes. My arches hurt almost as soon as we started running and I knew it was because the terrain was forcing my foot muscles to work in ways they never have before.  I burned almost as many calories as I would running a 5K.

After we took showers, we went to the farmers market in town for bagels & cream cheese and then got manicures – her treat! I was planning to run errands before the Florida game but a friend asked if I was going to watch the game downtown at the official game watch bar (I haven’t been all season), and she said she’d go if I went. So I went. “But only for the first half,” I told her. Except I found a great metered parking spot and then another one across the street after 2 hours, so I decided to stay for the whole game. I drank 2 beers but about 18 glasses of water (the bartender was not pleased with my choice of beverage). When I did finally get home after a heartbreaking 17-16 loss, I made myself a small bowl of spaghetti with chicken sausage and called it a day.

All-in-all, my birthday turned out to be pretty great. I crave “me time” but I was admittedly glad not to spend it completely alone.


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