Back in Action

After being cleared to return to exercise on Thursday, I still knew there wasn’t a whole lot I could do aside from running. Lunges and crunches, I guess? Yoga sculpt was definitely out because of the weights and all the down dogs and sun salutations and whatnot, but I was hoping I could survive cardio kickboxing. I have no pain lifting my arm as long as I’m not bending my wrist, and wearing the brace prevents me from doing that anyway. Unfortunately, my free outdoor cardio kick class was delayed by almost 20 minutes because the speaker system never showed up, and I guess the instructor didn’t feel like she could just yell the cues to us without music. Once we finally got going, I ended spending about 45 minutes of the 60-minute class on my feet because I couldn’t do any of the pushups, mountain climbers, burpees or planks. Instead, the instructor told me that jump-rope and fast feet were a good alternative, but we were doing those as part of the workout already and so I was doing at least twice as many and OH MY GOD did my feet and legs kill by the end. I was able to do crunches and most of the other core work, so it wasn’t a total loss, but between all that lower body work and Sunday’s running and walking, my legs STILL hurt days later.

I took Chip to his first checkup since his adoption on Saturday afternoon, and he did so well! Rags always had to wear a “party hat” (a muzzle) at the vet, and while Chip was visibly nervous and VERY clingy to me, he did not growl or snap or even cry. The vet was impressed with his health except for his teeth, which I kind of assumed would be a problem. He’s missing a few and the rest are all crooked from his life on the streets, but she showed me that his two molars on either side were actually fractured. One of them may even be exposing the pulp, but he shows no signs of discomfort. Either way, we scheduled a dental cleaning for a month from now, which is done under anesthesia. They made need to pull one or both of those teeth, but it’s that the worst of his problems, I’ll take it!

My dad came up Saturday evening to leave a bag of clean, dry clothes at my apartment. We went out for an early dinner to one of our favorite places – Publick House! I drank my first 2 beers since surgery and was legitimately drunk by the time we walked back to my apartment. I took Chip for a looooong 2-mile walk to try and sober up, but we ended up at a dog-friendly package store where I bought more beer – a delicious IPA from Maine. I settled in for the Florida game, and Chip was effectively passed out for the rest of the night. I tried to get him to go outside before we went moved to bed for the final quarter of the game, but he was too tired. Between 45 minutes at the dog park before his appointment to getting a vaccine that can cause fatigue to our long walk in the disgusting heat, he was wiped out. Florida won in a stunner and I literally shut off the TV, rolled over, and passed out myself.

I took off my brace to run on Sunday morning, which ended up being a very ugly 5 miles that included a LOT of walking. I waited too long to go and by then it was so hot outside, and it was my first run in exactly 2 weeks and only my second workout in that long as well, so it was rough. I was hoping I’d feel good enough for 10 but I knew that was unlikely, and I was just glad to have gotten out there at all. With now less than 2 weeks to the BAA Half, I don’t think I’m going to be in top shape like I was hoping to be (especially since I injured for this race last year), but my poor body has gone through a lot these past few weeks so I’m just trying to be kind to it.

On Sunday afternoon, I met my dad for the last few miles of the Jimmy Fund Walk. It was a great experience as always, and I’m so proud of him for doing all 26.2 miles (or 27+ as he learned – gotta hug those corners if you only want to do the 26.2!) in such miserable heat. By the time I got home for the night, it was after 5pm and let me tell you how grateful I was for AmazonFresh. The last thing I wanted to do was go grocery shopping, and that service is worth every penny. Between that and bringing my laundry to the cleaners on Wednesday to be washed, dried and folded, I avoided two of the things I hate doing more than anything as a city resident. I honestly don’t mind cleaning, so I was almost happy to do that as my one and only chore on Sunday evening as I took breaks in the AC.


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