Sinus Surgery 2.0 Update: Post-Op Days 2-3

I knew this would happen. I knew I would think I felt great for a day or two, and then I would feel like crap and be forced to recognize that I did in fact just have surgery and that my body needs to recover.

I worked (from home) a full day on Friday and was pretty tired all day. The pain was minimal again, and I actually did not need a mid-day nap like I thought I might. I did run out around lunchtime to get gas. Call me a worry wart, but I was reading about the potential Hurricane Jose scenarios and decided leaving my gas tank mostly empty wasn’t the best idea, even if only because prices may spike. Work was unexciting but thankfully the time seemed to pass quickly. As soon as I signed off the day, I had to give in and take a painkiller. It took the edge off my pain but didn’t seem to otherwise affect me. I was a complete couch potato for the rest of the night, and according to my Fitbit, had the best night of sleep in months.

I woke up this morning feeling decent and very well-rested – as I should because I slept past 8am for the first time in god knows how long! I walked Chip, made myself a breakfast smoothie, watched some Netflix, and took my first shower in 48 hours. I decided I felt well enough to go to the grocery store for some essentials – again, keeping my eye on the tropics. I picked up some staples like bottled water, tuna, bread, milk and things I needed for the week anyway. I was SO slow bumbling around the store, and I must’ve looked like a freak as I stopped in the middle of the aisle to catch my breath. By the time I got home, I was soaked through my clothes and immediately needed a nap and a painkiller. I had probably tried to do too much, too soon. The painkiller made me so nauseated – probably because I hadn’t eaten much.

I spent the rest of the day on the couch and only just moved to my bedroom because the living room TV doesn’t work with the cable antenna, so I’m in bed watching the Gators play on CBS – for free! We canceled cable over a year ago and have had to get creative when it comes to watch sports, but then I bought this $10 antenna and now get crystal clear picture for about 20 channels.

In my post-anesthesia stupor on Wednesday, I forgot my glasses in my dad’s truck on the way home. Apparently I didn’t even bother to keep them in the case the nurse gave me – my dad found them just lying on the floor of the passenger seat. He’s going to be here next weekend so I told him to just bring them then, but then they arrived in today’s mail. Yay, thanks Dad! I found my old glasses from like 10 years ago and they are so dorky but it was better than walking Chip with blurry vision. I should’ve known he would mail them to me, knowing my only real alternative for 10 or so days was wearing contacts. Once Daddy’s little girl, always Daddy’s little girl.


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