Sinus Surgery 2.0 Update: Post-Op Day 1

Thursday was completely uneventful. I woke up around 6:30am and tried to go back to sleep but Chip was eager to go out, so we went for our normal morning walk. I emailed my boss to let her know that everything went fine on Wednesday and that I was feeling pretty good, but too tired to work a full day. After my first neti-pot rinse, I actually spent the entire day sleeping until about 3:30pm and had to drag myself out of bed then so I could be fully awake for my 4pm and 5pm calls. Chip’s regular Tuesday/Thursday walker came at noon so I got up for a few minutes then so I could finally meet her for the first time, and he was unsure about leaving my side but it was so cute to see how much he likes her and enjoys their walks together.

I took my gauze mustache off to eat dinner (I treated myself to delivery antipasto salad and french fries), and since it had been well over 24 hours with no bleeding, I decided to keep it off. I did another neti-pot rinse and a lot less pink water came out my nose than it had in the morning, but I did blow my nose ever so gently to try and free a clot that was flapping in the wind, and that caused the first pain I had felt in my nose since I woke up from surgery. I think it was a combination of the anesthesia and morphine finally wearing completely off (now 36 hours post-op) as well as doing something I was told not to do, even though it could barely be considered “blowing.” Either way, it was uncomfortable enough that I popped a painkiller just as I got in the shower after taking Chip for his evening walk, but it took almost 90 minutes to kick in while I watched Netflix on the couch.

I always get a little nauseated when I take painkillers on even a somewhat-empty stomach, so I had a bowl of cereal right before I got into bed. I ended up unable to fall asleep until past 1am, but I had slept most of the day so that wasn’t too surprising.

Now it’s Friday morning and I’m signing onto my work laptop for what I hope is a full day of working from home. I may need a mid-day nap but that’s why working from home is so glorious – I can just work a little longer into the evening to make up for it.

I don’t have any weekend plans – I just want to rest even though I feel like I could handle a workout. It’s not worth taking one step forward and two steps back, so I may pick up some groceries on Sunday and maaaaaybe go to a gentle yoga class Sunday night (it’s called Heal Flow) and just skip the upside down parts, but we’ll see how I feel then. Otherwise my weekend will consist of eating crockpot turkey chili, walking Chip, watching Florida play Tennessee tomorrow (from my couch) and watching the Pats play the Saints on Sunday, while napping and/or watching Netflix in between all those other things.

As for the pain, the worst continues to be in my hand from the IV. It is definitely swollen and bruised. If that’s my biggest complaint right now, I’ll take it!


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