Almost Halfway to my Half

I can’t believe I’m already 5.5 weeks into half marathon training and still feeling great! I’ve really nailed my workouts down to a pretty consistent routine, allowing for flexibility to swap my rest days if I need to because of social plans or if I’m just not feeling up to it. I’ve found that I am most tired on Wednesdays and I have taken the past few off, so I reworked my schedule to try and have that be my only planned rest day. This past Saturday, I woke up after running the previous 2 days in a row, and my ankle was screaming in pain. It was also swollen. I knew I had my treadmill race the next morning, so I decided to skip the free tabata class I had signed up for and rest instead. I RICE’d my ankle a lot and fortunately I woke up on Sunday with no pain.

Now that the softball season is coming to a close (with my team playing for the championship tonight!), I’ll get my Tuesday nights back. But only for one week, because then kickball season starts on Wednesdays after Labor Day. I’m playing on my company’s team in a big league at a park within walking distance from my apartment, so Wednesdays will no longer be my rest day. Instead, I’m thinking Fridays will be rest days just like they used to be.


Instead of crossing out workouts that I’ve missed, I decided to simply adjust the plan. There’s nothing motivating about beating yourself up for taking rest days. So the plan makes it look like all those rest days were planned, but most were not.

You’ll notice lots of rest days at first. Week 1 did not go as planned. It was hot and I was pooped from my first full week at my new job. But I got those long runs done. Week 2 was well-intentioned – I was planning for Friday to be my only rest day but then severe storms caused softball to be canceled on Tuesday, and I ended up taking advantage of the weeknight to myself. Week 3 was when I pretty much decided to make Wednesdays my rest day. That Wednesday, I ate something at work with banana in it, and was puking my brains out until about 6pm. Afterward, I was totally wiped out and just needed to rest. I don’t remember why I didn’t work out that Friday. Week 4 was pretty good. I meant to run before work on Thursday since I knew I had plans that night, but it didn’t end up happening. Week 5 (last week) went great. I ran 7 by myself on Sunday morning, went to yoga sculpt (which really should be called cardio yoga) on Monday, played softball on Tuesday, rested on Wednesday, ran 3 on Thursday, ran 4 on Friday, took that unplanned rest day on Saturday as mentioned earlier, and did my virtual Falmouth Road Race on Sunday.

My original training plan called for a 5K this coming weekend, but there aren’t any good ones around here and I’m doing one the following weekend up in the Adirondacks, so I swapped long runs. The same goes for the 10K the plan called for 3 weeks before the half – I’m doing a 10K 4 weeks before the half, so I swapped those long runs as well. It’s all about making the plan working for you and your life!


Now if only I could find the desire to add speed workouts back into my schedule…


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