9 Miles Along the River

After Thursday’s painful, insole-less run, I redeemed myself on Friday with an excellent lunchtime run – I work from home on Fridays in the summer, which means I have time for lunch break runs. I’ve never taken one, so I was nervous and stopped every mile to check my email. Fortunately, it was a quiet hour. I even stopped on my route to pick up my prescription for new contacts. I’m going back to daily contacts after trying, unsuccessfully for 8 months, to make the 2-week contacts work. I’ve been wearing only glasses for about the last 3 months, except contacts for runs, workouts, etc. More on that in this post.

I was signed up to go to a free outdoor barre class on Saturday morning (actually technically I was on the wait list but they kept posting about it being an “open” event on social media so I was planning to just show up), but I realized a 10am class would force me to be rushing around to make my afternoon plans in Somerville. I was up at 7am, so I decided to walk Chip, eat breakfast and drink coffee under a blanket while enjoying the first truly cool morning in months, and eventually got dressed and worked out in my living room. I did a 10-minute kettlebell workout – my first kettlebell workout since purchasing my own 10-pounder a few weeks ago – and then a 20-minute sun salutation yoga flow. All in all, I got my heart pumping and only sweat a little as I was standing in front of the open door to my deck, but I didn’t have to stress about having time to get ready afterward. Continue reading


My Watery Eye: Part 3

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In March 2015, I finally went to the doctor about my non-stop watery eye. It took several appointments and three specialists but eventually I had the surgery I needed to remove the mass behind my eyeball, fix my deviated septum, and reduce my turbinates to hopefully prevent a recurrence. I knew there was a 20% chance that sucker would come back, but I hoped it wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, it did.

About 3 months ago, I stopped being able to wear my 2-week contacts for more than a few days. The right one seemed to get damaged because my vision would be fine in glasses, but blurry after a few days of wearing contacts. I eventually switched to wearing glasses exclusively (I hate my glasses and especially hate the pain it causes where they sit on my ears) except for runs, softball, yoga, and dates. My eye doctor always told me I shouldn’t be wearing contacts while staring at a screen at work all day anyway, so now I don’t really wear my glasses around the office – which means I often can’t tell who is walking toward me until we get up close. I can’t even tell if my boss is in her office when I walk by. Continue reading

Ouch, My Arch!

As you probably know if you read this blog regularly, I have issues with my arches. But I also have issues with my feet going numb on longer runs. All of my research has suggested that my shoes are either too small (nope) or tied too tightly (if I tied them any looser they would fall off my feet) or I have a nerve condition that is either un-treatable or requires surgery. Um, no thanks.


How I lace my shoes.

I do have wicked high arches, which means I lace my shoes kinda funny in order to give my instep (the top of my foot) more room inside my shoe. So all I could think of is that there’s still not enough room for my foot, especially since I wear orthotic insoles to support my high arches.

So I tried something I haven’t done in 2+ years. I ran without my insoles.  Continue reading

Good For You

A few weeks ago, I went out for a run feeling very bloated as I have been a lot lately. I don’t know if it’s healthier eating (aka more veggies and fiber) or what, but I have felt enormous and my pants always feel tight and my stomach is often unhappy. So I was horrified by the way I looked every time I could see myself in a shop window or something but guess what? I was running. So, that’s a win in my book – fat or not.

I was almost at the end of a 4-mile run when I saw a woman approaching me, struggling to walk with her cane. She didn’t look elderly at all and thus she instantly reminded me of my own mother. She’s 62 but looks 42 and struggles to take a few steps without assistance. I felt immediate empathy for this woman. She smiled and opened her mouth, and all my nice feelings about this stranger went out the window.

“Good for you,” she said. What the &%$#?! Good for me? Why? Did she say that the other 6 runners in our vicinity?
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Walking a Marathon

Dad Jimmy Fund WalkEvery year since 2014 (my first full year working at Dana-Farber), my dad has done the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. The course is all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon, but walking on sidewalks instead of running on pavement. When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded nuts. More nuts than running a marathon, actually. Because if you think about it, an average walk is about 20 minutes per mile. That’s almost 9 hours of walking! No thanks.

I live right near Mile 21, so I’ve always met my dad there and walked the last 5 miles with him. The first year, I had no idea what time to meet him. I knew he started at 5:30am in Hopkinton and figured it’d take him about 7-8 hours to get to Mile 21. Not so! He was there around 11am, and I could barely keep up with him. I needed to stop and use the portapotty (too much coffee) and he was like, “OK, catch up with me after!” because after walking 20+ miles, you can’t stop and stand around and then get going again. Continue reading

Almost Halfway to my Half

I can’t believe I’m already 5.5 weeks into half marathon training and still feeling great! I’ve really nailed my workouts down to a pretty consistent routine, allowing for flexibility to swap my rest days if I need to because of social plans or if I’m just not feeling up to it. I’ve found that I am most tired on Wednesdays and I have taken the past few off, so I reworked my schedule to try and have that be my only planned rest day. This past Saturday, I woke up after running the previous 2 days in a row, and my ankle was screaming in pain. It was also swollen. I knew I had my treadmill race the next morning, so I decided to skip the free tabata class I had signed up for and rest instead. I RICE’d my ankle a lot and fortunately I woke up on Sunday with no pain.

Now that the softball season is coming to a close (with my team playing for the championship tonight!), I’ll get my Tuesday nights back. But only for one week, because then kickball season starts on Wednesdays after Labor Day. I’m playing on my company’s team in a big league at a park within walking distance from my apartment, so Wednesdays will no longer be my rest day. Instead, I’m thinking Fridays will be rest days just like they used to be.


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Racing on a Treadmill

Screenshot_20170822-132532I ran my first-ever treadmill race on Sunday, and boy was it weird. Long story short, I got accepted via the lottery system to the Falmouth Road Race. However, money was due in May, when I was broke and had also just rescued Chip. I knew registering meant not being able to afford my monthly T pass. I also knew that there was no day-of bib pickup for this race, so that meant needing to spend the night in town on the busiest weekend of the year. I didn’t know where I would stay or what I would do with Chip (I wasn’t yet enlightened about dog-sitting). So even though I was so fortunate to get into this bucket list race, I gave up my spot and was so sad about it.

Turns out, I could’ve stayed with my friend Jess and had someone stay at my apartment with Chip for only $50. Oh well.  Continue reading