She’s Baaaaaack!

It’s safe to say I’m finally over the worst of this virus. Sunday’s two “runs” made me no worse for the wear, and if anything, improved my mental state by leaps and bounds. I don’t know if it was that or the Robitussin with codeine, but I slept like a log on Sunday night and struggled to get out of bed Monday morning. When my alarm went off at 6am, I reset it for 6:30am and then scrambled to get out the door in time, but that extra sleep was so worth it.

I got to the office feeling great. As much as I love working from home (even in the post-Rags era), it was nice to be back in a routine and see other humans. But by lunchtime, I was regretting my decision. My head was throbbing and I was so exhausted I thought about taking a 10-minute power nap in our wellness room, but I had back-to-back meetings for the rest of the day. I tried drinking lots of water and taking ibuprofen, but that didn’t seem to help. I had a good, healthy lunch (salad with artichoke, feta, homemade dressing, and tuna) and good, healthy snacks (plain Greek yogurt with organic blueberries, Boom Chicka Pop, and a handful of Omega 3-loaded mixed nuts), but that didn’t seem to help either. Neither did an afternoon cup of coffee. By the time I left work, I was MISERABLE. I dozed off a few times on the T with my head in my hands, constantly worrying the guy next to me in the window seat would need to get off and have to awkwardly wake me up. Turns out, he was going all but the last 2 of my 19 stops (19 stops sounds awful, doesn’t it?) so I was needlessly waking myself up for the first 17.

I got home and got straight into bed. I watched a few episodes of Catastrophe – actually finished the series – and fell asleep by 8-something. I woke up at what I thought was dawn needing to pee and take Tylenol for my still-raging headache, but it was only midnight. I fell back asleep for another 6+ hours and felt just as tired as when I went to bed, but forced myself to get up and shower.

I should have stayed in bed. I got one stop away from my apartment when I realized my cell phone was at home – likely still in the bathroom (I was listening to NPR as I got ready like I do almost every morning). I also forgot my wireless mouse. When I work at my client’s office downtown on Tuesdays, I don’t have my laptop docking station and thus don’t have a keyboard, mouse, or two monitors. But I always have my wireless mouse so I don’t have to use the annoying trackpad. Well, not today. Oh well!

Except it got worse.

A train broke down in front of us, and we were stuck underground in between two stops for 15 minutes. Once we finally got going, it took us 10 minutes to get to the next station. After another 10+ minutes getting to the following stop, I decided it would be faster to get out a stop early and walk. My 15-minute walk was uneventful and rather therapeutic, until I realized mid-walk that I had left an important stack of materials at home, on my bedroom floor – placed strategically so that I could NOT miss them this morning, but somehow I did. The lines at Bruegger’s and Dunkin Donuts (my Tuesday morning treats) were longer than usual because I was much later than usual. All-in-all, it took me 100 minutes to go 6.5 miles from my apartment to downtown, normally about 45 minutes. I was enraged and now screwed because I knew I would have to go home at some point or come back later in the week, which is a pain in the butt because of security.

I knew there was only one way to salvage this day – go running!

GarminConnect_20170502-191727I am following an intermediate 10K training plan for the next 8 weeks (BAA 10K is in 8 weeks!), and I was supposed to do speedwork tonight but I have yet to find a nearby track, so I decided to swap days and do a 3-mile run instead. I honestly didn’t have a plan for pacing or anything, but I felt good. Really good. My stupid KT tape peeled off before I had even hit a mile, so I paused my watch for a few seconds to try and rub it back on but then I was taking off again. I allowed myself to walk a bit up a big hill between Miles 2 and 3, but I finished strong. By strong I mean fast but wanting to die. And by fast I mean fast for me – a 9:14 mile! I had decent negative splits tonight – 10:01, 9:48, 9:14. I’ve got to figure out how to get my watch to show moving time vs. elapsed time, because elapsed time includes any time I pause my watch for red lights, tying my shoes, rubbing in my crappy KT tape (except that won’t happen again because I’m sticking to Rock Tape from now on – get it, sticking? ha), etc. So I wasn’t really sure what my splits were until I finished each mile and got the little notification on my watch.

Regardless, I felt good the whole time. Yes, I was pushing myself pretty hard for the second half but I could handle it and while my body was in overdrive, my mind was at peace. Running has become so incredibly therapeutic for me. Because I ran around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir – one of the last places I took Rags before he died (and we had the BEST time) – I did find myself thinking of him, especially when I passed people walking their dogs. But I didn’t feel sad. Serotonin was pumping through me and nothing could bring me down. I was panting quite audibly and did not care one bit what anyone thought.

I got home and stretched and made a small, healthy dinner. I finally got around to checking out my run’s stats once I got into bed with my laptop, and now I am convinced I am having a heart attack because I saw my heart rate stats for this run and GOOD GOD was I pushing myself tonight! I know, I know. Coach Jack would tell me max heart rates based on age are just a guess without an actual doctor’s office/running center test, but 193 is a little scary for someone my age. I know it probably has more to do with all the drugs I’m on – including sudafed and Robitussin DM – more than it does with how hard I actually pushed my body, but still.


So now I’m sitting in bed feeling my heart flutter and convinced I can feel it seizing up, even though I felt 100% fine for the first 3 hours after my run until I saw my heart rate stats. If I die in my sleep tonight, someone please tell the morgue to read this blog post.



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