Tracking Details for Marathon Monday

Thank you all for your support – both toward my fundraising goal and with all the encouragement over these past few months! Here is how you can track me on Marathon Monday. Friendly reminder that Wave 4 (mostly charity runners) begins at 11:15am. I don’t have a goal time and will be stopping a lot along the course to hug friends and family who are cheering me on.

Option 1

  • Text my bib number (25577) to 234567. You will receive up to 8 texts per bib number, which equates to an update roughly every 5K/3.1 miles

Option 2

  • Screenshot_20170412-123629Download the free BAA Marathon app for iPhone or the free BAA 2017 app for Android
    • Select “Participant Tracker”
    • Select the silhouette with the + sign
    • Search by my last name (somehow I am the only Packard in a sea of 26,000+ runners) or my bib number (25577) then select “search”
    • When my name pops up, select the star
    • Now go back to Participant Tracker and once I start running on Monday, updates will be under my name and you can select my name for splits

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