Cleared to Run

After another weekend on the Cybex Arc Trainer instead of pounding pavement, I finally got the “all clear” to run from my physical therapist on Monday morning.

20170402_085445On Saturday, I met my DFMC teammates at Mount Auburn Club. The owner is a former DFMC runner and he was more than happy to give two of us injured runners (both named Kelly!) access to the Arc machines while everyone else ran. We chatted a bit – I had never met Kelly before but she is a pediatric oncology nurse in the Jimmy Fund Clinic – but mostly watched the TVs built into our respective machines for two solid hours. I covered 12 miles and my arch felt great, but my feet overall ached. It was my 4th time on the Arc in 5 days, and my body was like, “This again?”

I iced my foot down afterward – and have been doing so really consistently throughout the work days and before bed – and then a few of us took advantage of the hot tub. Many of my teammates were running another teammates’ 5K that afternoon, but I wasn’t allowed to run yet, so I ran a few quick errands before going home to take a decent nap and then eating an early dinner before going to bed with the Sunday Scaries, as usual.

On Monday morning, I had to leave at 6:30 to get to my 7:30 physical therapy appointment. Of course, my HSA card didn’t have enough money on it (it gets deducted from my paycheck a week before it actually shows up in my HSA account) so I had to awkwardly ask if I could make a partial payment until my next appointment, but I’m glad I didn’t cancel/postpone my appointment. He remarked at the lack of swelling in my foot as compared to the previous Monday and I felt no discomfort as he moved my foot around. He dry-needled my foot/calf as well as left hamstring (the one that’s always given me problems since last summer). He also showed me how to tape my hamstring differently than I’ve been doing it – and I plan to do that as a precaution on Marathon Monday (in addition to taping my arch every day until and including April 17 because my foot absolutely needs the extra support).

I still have to wear my running shoes all day at work, so it’s been a challenge to rotate through my limited selection of pants – dresses and skirts are out because that would just look so weird. I usually have no shame but c’mon, that’s too much.

I went to my favorite yoga class – YogaSculpt – on Monday night. I barely made it on time thanks to the T and I had to skip all the jumping during cardio and I forgot my sweat towel, but that class is always a good decision no matter what. I can’t wait to go when I don’t need to be so protective of my foot.

On Tuesday I felt weird. I was extra tired and my co-worker was wicked sick and I got it in my head that I was coming down with something, too. I got home and Lysoled the entire apartment (sorry brother), took Emergen-C, drank two cups of herbal tea, and went to bed early. I actually did feel bad on Wednesday – I had chills and felt dizzy. I tried to leave early but there was too much work to do. I did go to bed early, and actually woke up around midnight thinking it was 4am because I had slept so soundly for the previous 3+ hours.

I woke up on Wednesday around 6am – later than usual but I had turned off all my alarms the night before so that I could just listen to my body instead. I felt great at 6am so I hopped out of bed and drove to the gym to do an hour on the Arc trainer. Afterward, I got so busy working from home that I forgot to shower and couldn’t figure out why I was SO cold – it was because I had been sitting in soaking-wet-turned-cold gym clothes for several hours. I jumped in the shower and felt 10x better afterward, so I think (knock on wood) I’ve avoided really coming down with anything. I’m still chugging homemade juice and herbal team and eating lots of clementines and pretending cold medicine is candy…just in case. I’m also working with my primary care doctor to try and medically stop my female problems that have now persisted for 15 days. That could also be why I’m feeling “off.” I’m taking iron and cranberry pills, and have eaten 2 cheeseburgers in the last week which is rather unheard of for me.

Tonight is likely to be the last Thursday night “Crossroads” run with any decent attendance and although I’ve already done my mileage for the day, I owe one of my teammates brownies and I haven’t gotten to a Thursday run in a while, so I’m probably going to put on running gear and go, but not actually run (lest I fall on a slippery wet sidewalk or get a cold from running in this torrential downpour).

I’m hoping to get to the gym at 5:30am tomorrow since I have dinner plans with the DFCI girls after work, and then I’m planning to do 8-10 miles on Saturday – on the road, actually running – with the DFMC team on Saturday for our final group run of the season!


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