Catching Up

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted, but I promised I’ve been running in the meantime, although not as much as I should have. As per usual, I took last Monday off from running. I did a measly 3 miles on Tuesday before my flight to DC and then another measly 3 miles on the treadmill on Thursday morning. 3 miles has literally never felt so difficult in recent memory as it felt on the treadmill. I hate running on the treadmill so much that it almost isn’t worth it. Except it always is, right?

Aside from those 2 mid-week runs, I spent most of my days sitting down – on airplanes, in cab rides, in a conference room, at dinner with colleagues, more cabs, more conference rooms, another airplane, then in my car for 4+ hours in a 12-hour period (driving to CT to get Rags). SO. MUCH. SITTING.

I knew I would miss the team run on Saturday, but I didn’t realize how much the week would affect the way I felt running on Sunday. I considered going up to Marblehead to run with my teammate Lori, but ended up sticking close to home so I could spend time less away from Rags. I headed out around 9am – a little later than normal for a long run – and ran about 1.5 miles through Brighton to the Watertown border, and then ran along the Charles River and then back home, for a total of 10.5 miles. After every mile, I walked for 1 minute. I ended up pretty hot by the end but stayed hydrated with my fuel belt – I had water in one bottle and Gatorade in the other, and then took a Gu every 45 minutes like I do on long runs. Carrying my own fluids is annoying and the bottles must leak somehow because my lower back was soaked by 2 miles in, but I got it done. There were lots of other people out running, especially along the river. What’s funny is the first 1.5 miles and final 1.5 miles are part of the route we’re running next Sunday as a team but in reverse.

My new sneakers!

I got up early on Tuesday before work to run, and ran 4 miles feeling really good. I also bit the bullet and ordered a new pair of running shoes. I stuck with the Mizuno Wave Rider 20s, but I opted for the snazzy white instead of the baby blues that I’ve been running in since December (got them in October after my half but barely wore them at all during physical therapy). Believe it or not, my current running shoes are nearing retirement because of how many miles I’ve put on them. My plan is to start wearing the new ones on shorter runs and then wear them exclusively starting in April so that they’re broken in but still in really great shape for the marathon!

Sadly, last night was our last run ever at Crossroads. The bar on Beacon Street in Back Bay is closing for good over the weekend. They let us keep our bags and whatnot in the upstairs bar while we run, and then provide pizza for us afterward and we keep the bartenders busy and well-tipped. Unfortunately, the bar was sold and is being converted to a nicer restaurant so we’re going to be running out of and back to Lir on Boylston, which is very close to the Boston Marathon finish line.

In honor of the Final Final Final Crossroads run, I took the T out to Woodland (Newton, close to the Wellesley line) and met a bunch of teammates out there. We ran basically the last 9 miles of the course, including – yes – the Newton Hills. They are faster than me so I fully expected to fall behind at some point, but the most I ever fell behind was A. when I dropped my glove and had to go back and get it and B. about 5 strides behind them for the second half of the run, when I struggling. Our splits were mostly negative but it’s rare I dip into the 9s and most longer runs, I’m in the high 10s or even 11s. We never walked, and we stopped for fuel once. I woke up more sore on Friday than I ever have from a ThHursday night run, but I was proud and it felt good to push myself outside my comfort zone for once.

My GPS said 8.8 because I forgot to turn it back on a few times after red lights, but we definitely ran just over 9 with a 9:58 average.

I plan to slow it down on Sunday for our long run – I’m planning 17-18 miles…eek!



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